Tennis girls form unique group

Story by Scarlett Stussy

For some, their sport is a way of life. For others, their sport is for pure enjoyment. But for the tennis girls, their sport is something different entirely.

The girls’ tennis team is made up of a unique group of ladies who have a bond that is one-of-a-kind. They share many inside jokes, strange traditions and humorous activities.

One day, on their way back from a tournament, a new ritual began.

“We were really gross after a tournament and someone said, ‘We’re gross girls,” sophomore Mary Claire Boudreaux said. “Then we just shortened it to GGs.”

Now they are even considering taking it to the next level.

“We’re going to get these shirts with a fat, sweaty, shirtless man on them and have ‘G-Force’ written at the top,” Boudreaux said.

In their spare time, most of them enjoy biting each other, quoting Jersey Shore, having dance parties, stealing people’s food, and acting like piranhas.

“I think it was Wynne [Tidwell] who started [acting like a piranha],” junior Alex Barlow said. “We got it off of Finding Nemo. We do it when we’re bored in practice.”

Not every girl acts like a GG all the time, but others go above and beyond.

“Wynne and Shea are weird,” senior Meagan Rosser said. “They’re so comfortable with themselves. Nothing is a shock with them anymore. At dinner it’s embarrassing. One time at Taco Bell, they were yelling… I just left. We’re all like that, but they’re extreme.”

Some traditions are only carried out by a few tennis members.

“I have ‘Funky Short Day Friday,’” sophomore Wynne Tidwell said. “It’s to celebrate the end of the week. Not a lot of people do it, but hopefully they’ll catch on to my individuality and join in. It will help lighten the mood. ”

Tidwell’s ironic quote about herself seems like an appropriate description for the whole team: They’re “really just all-American girls.”