Tiger Ticket

Story by Dawson McGonagill, Staff Writer

Crystal balls, fairy dust and fortune tellers have one common trait: They predict the future. Some people may believe it’s impossible to predict the future, but we talked to several high school students who said otherwise.

They’re predicting what will happen this fall in their favorite sports.

As for football season, we caught up with senior fullback Dustin Whitney and asked him what he thought on the Tigers’ chance of making it through the playoffs.

“Yeah, we have a chance,” Whitney said. “We have a real strong offense and are very determined.”

We also asked some of our Tiger students who they believe will win the Texas verses Arkansas rivalry game this year, and 87 percent of them said we will crush them like always.

We then met with varsity tennis player Shea Smith to see if the tennis team being so young this year would affect their chances at winning.

“It will definitely be different than last year,” Smith said, “but I think we will be fine.”

So that’s a quick look at what is predicted to happen. It seems to look like a dominant fall season in sports for the Tigers. Stay tuned to see scores and other game updates on the Tiger Ticket.