In the swing of things

In the swing of things

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Sophomore Sabrina Larson has been playing golf since the fourth grade and hopes to get a scholarship to play at the college level.

Story by Sydney Schoen, Staff Writer

She crouches, club in hand, as she attempts to line up her shot. Sweat beads begin to form at the top of her forehead from the sting of the afternoon heat, but she can’t let it phase her. She places the ball onto the tee, takes a few practice swings, and then drives it. One Payne Stewart-esque victory move later and she can finally break a smile.

The only sport where “hitting a birdie” is not only acceptable, but encouraged, golf has been a part of sophomore Sabrina Larson’s life for a long time.

“When I was in the fourth grade, my dad took me and Naomi (sister, a senior here at Texas High) to a bunch of adult-youth tournaments, where you can play with your parents,” Sabrina said. “Ever since then I’ve kinda been naturally good at it.”

All opinions aside, her natural talent for the game is apparent. Sabrina went as far as transferring schools her eighth grade year to potentially join Texas High’s varsity program for golf.

“My dad thinks Pleasant Grove’s golf team [is bad],” Sabrina said. “So, he wanted me at Texas High. I wouldn’t be eligible to play if I came [to TISD] in high school, so I came in eighth grade.”

Luckily, her father’s intuition paid off and her skills were noticed, for not only did she make varsity, but she was the only freshman playing amongst four other seniors. Among other things, she also helped lead her to team to Regionals, which she considers to be both her best and worst experience while playing golf.

“Last year was the girls’ first year to ever go to Regionals,” Sabrina said. “My first day there I shot a 132, which is really bad  ‘cause I haven’t shot that in two years. My second day at Regionals I shot a 98.”

With aspirations of a golf scholarship (preferably to Texas Christian University or University of Arkansas), Sabrina has no intentions of giving up her passion anytime soon.

“I’ve put a lot of time and a lot of money into it,” Sabrina said. “So, if I just gave up now that would be a big waste. Plus, I get better every time.”