Running provides outlet for sophomore

Story by Josh Klein, Staff Writer

When he was eleven, sophomore Lincoln Davis started running local 5K races with his dad. With a little help from his father, he’d found his hidden talent.

“My dad was a runner. He started running in high school. He held the Washington record for the 800 for 14 years,” Davis said. “When I was around 10-11 years old we started running city 5Ks.”

For Davis, running is more than a sport, it is an outlet for stress and anything that is on his mind.

“If you’re ever angry or have any strong feelings, [running] can help you get it out.”

At district this year for Cross Country he ran an all-time personal record.

“At district I [broke] a personal record,” Davis said. “I did a 20:43 and my time before that was a 20:49.”

Aside from running cross country, Davis runs the mile in track. Last year he started out running junior varsity for the track team.

“In track last year I ran JV and I won JV 4 or 5 times in a row in the mile. I wanted to be moved up to varsity really bad,” Davis said. “On the last meet before district, coach moved me up to varsity and I got points for the team at district.”

When asked about which sport he likes better, Davis was pretty straightforward.

“I like track a lot more, pretty much because I’m better at it.”

With Track season just around the corner, Davis is prepared and optimistic.

“For track, my goal is to run an under-5-minute mile and go to Regionals (which I should be able to do with a sub 5 minute mile),” Davis said. “For cross country next year I plan to go around 19 minutes.”