Crosstown rival game ends in victory


Junior Caroline Byrd takes the ball down the field.

Story by Wynne Tidwell and Sydeny Schoen, Co-Editor in Chief and Co-Viewpoint Editor

So, here’s the deal with Pleasant Grove: the students are mercenaries. For attending the Texas High v. Pleasant Grove game, the students will receive a free 100 daily grade. The bonus incentive means something more than another fine example of grade inflation. It means more Grovers.

Here’s Texas High’s deal: the girls battled PG to two overtimes, but lost 4-2 in the shootout. The girls liked losing about as much as they like Pleasant Grove.

Texas High, backed by its incentive-less student section, were out out for hair, blood, and a win.

“This game meant a lot,” senior Rachel Lassitter said. “First of all, it’s district. Then, it’s PG, so it’s a crosstown rival. But, it was such a big game because we lost to them last time in the PKs (penalty kick). And, that left a really bitter taste in our mouths. So, we just wanted to come back out here on our field, and take it back.”

The loss stayed with goalkeeper, and senior, Ezry Martin throughout the following weeks. She remembers the sound the ball made hitting the back of the net, the cheers from the opponents and the overpowering feeling of defeat.

“I went harder than I usually do,” Martin said. “This week, we knew we had to practice hard. Coming into this game, I felt really confident.”

“Practice makes perfect” was the objective of the team that week. Preparing for war, they practiced to implement effective battle strategies.

“We did special drills specific to what they do and how their defense works,” senior Makenzie Sangalli said. “We did drills that made it easier for our forwards to get past them and score.”

The soccer gods heard their prayers and smiled at their efforts, for they granted the Lady Tigers a 2-0 victory over PG. Both goals were scored by sophomore Hannah Brantley; the first was kicked because of a PK.

“[The second goal] was important to me,” Brantley said. “It was a confidence booster for me because I missed the game winner of a PK in the last game.”

Although Brantley was the breadwinner, the soccer victory rested on the cleats of every player. However, the victory is not a final one; the Lady Tigers play PG again on March 22—on the Hawk’s turf.

“The girls did great,” Coach Dustin Holly said. “We had a good week of practice, and we’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile. But, it’s just half time. We have another one against us.”