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Family in every sense of the word; season ends

After losing to Mabank, 1-2, in overtime, senior Riley Rogers hugs her teammate, senior Natalie Copeland, before exiting the field.

The Lady Tiger’s record-breaking soccer season came to an end in Friday night’s game against Mabank at Lobo Stadium in Longview. Senior Rachel Lassitter scored the only goal of the night after a final defeat of 2-1 in a double overtime.

“When I scored that first goal it felt amazing,” Lassitter said. “It was like everything we’ve worked so hard for this year came together in one shot. It was my favorite goal of the season for sure. Looking back, our team is a family and I love all of them and this game was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m just happy we fought ’til the end like we always do.”

They came back to the second half strong with a one-point lead.

“The first half was all about intensity and both teams proving who wanted it bad enough,” senior Natalie Copeland said. “Every player, especially the seniors, were giving it 100 percent because we all knew there was a chance it could be the last time we would ever touch the field. At halftime, we had to remind ourselves that we were only halfway done and it wasn’t over yet.”

The varsity tennis team, along with other Texas High students, flooded the stands at the game, cheering until the end.

“I think I speak for everyone on the tennis team when I say we really enjoyed being able to support the soccer team,” junior Braden May said. “They played great, despite the loss. I’m going to miss losing my voice at nearly every game cheering them on, and I think the rest of the tennis team would agree.”

The Lady Tigers gave it their absolute all for almost two hours. After a full out battle until the last buzzer buzzed, they left the field, all in tears.

“We weren’t crying because we lost, although that did hurt. We were crying because we love each other and it will never be the same again,” senior Riley Rogers said. “No matter the distance next year, we will still be family, just not on the field anymore.”

With hearts heavy it was hard to find something positive about Friday’s game.

“I feel pretty bad about the game, and that I let my team down,” senior Lyndsey Knotts said. “Altogether, I couldn’t ask for a better team to play with and who gave it their all and played their hearts out.”

Even though this may be the end of this year’s record-breaking season, the team is hopeful for all they will accomplish in the 2013-2014 school year.

“I hope that us underclassman can can step up and bring the team together to rise to the level the seniors have set for us,” sophomore Kelsi Allen said. “Many of us have played together since we were 6 years old, so I know we can do it. I hope we can keep up with all the expectations that were set this year.”


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    Wynne TidwellOct 13, 2018 at 7:44 pm

    Best story ever! Go Mad Dog and LADY Tigers!!

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Family in every sense of the word; season ends