Get’cha head in the game

Girls’ varsity basketball team prepares for a winning season


Photo by Claire Norton

Junior Jalissa Trotter is excited to get back on the court.

Story by DJ Mack, co-entertainment editor

The girls’ varsity basketball team is feeling unbeatable, even though the season hasn’t begun yet.

The Tigers won all three of their scrimmage matches on Nov. 6. Despite playing against a series of unrelenting opponents, the girls never faltered.

“We played Redwater, Pleasant Grove and New Boston,” senior guard Kennedy Jackson said. “We played well, but we still have some things to work on.”

Playing against their opponents revealed some much needed improvements to the team, who are dealing with the rough transition from the offseason to competing again.

“We’re very out of shape,” Jackson said. “We’re going really fast though, and it looks like we’re playing on a varsity level.”

The varsity team attributes some of their success to their new coach, Robert Cochran, who has changed up the team’s workout routine since last season.

“The coach is making us run a lot, so we’re going to be in good shape by district,” sophomore Natalie Portwood said.

The coach weighed in on how he felt about the team and their fight for victory.

“A big part in what we do is getting them in shape,” Cochran said, “I can’t say enough about how proud I am of how the kids are working to better themselves.”

The girls’ varsity team plans on blowing through playoffs and going straight to state. They have their minds set on being the best.

“You know, as more games come, and as we continue to work hard, we’re gonna be that number one team,” senior Keyerra Smith said. “I want a ring. I want for me and my squad to get a ring.”