Just keep swimming

New swim coach Jennifer Radomski joins Tiger Shark coaching staff.


Photo by Savannah Pritchard

Story by Kristin McCasland, viewpoint editor

After a successful 2013-2014 swim season, the Lady Tigersharks start off the year with a new coach. Jennifer Radomski joined the Tigershark coaching staff in the wake of long-time swim coach, Greta Adams’ retirement from coaching at the end of last year. Adams will now only teach special education.

In the past, Radomski coached swim at Texas Middle School and served as an official at high school and middle school swim meets. In her new role as assistant swim coach for the Lady Tigersharks, Radomski will have the chance to continue her involvement in the sport.

“I always loved swim,” Radomski said. “I was really excited to have the opportunity to coach.”

Radomski’s passion for the sport started at a young age.

“I swam in middle school and high school in Temple, Texas, which is outside of Waco,” Radomski said. “I was one of those that liked working hard and having good results.”

Radomski’s enthusiastic approach toward swimming will serve the Tigersharks well.

“I really enjoy getting to know all of the kids,” Radomski said, “I want to help everyone meet their goals, whatever those might be.”