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Tigers fall to Razorbacks

Back to back losses leave Tigers licking their wounds

Photo by Angela Valle
Texas High's Chris Sutton struggles to gain yardage against a host of Arkansas High Defenders. The Tigers lost to the Razobacks 7-0.

Story by Joseph Rodgers, Jackson Cheney, and Nick Mitchell

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The Texas High Tigers faced their cross town rival, the Arkansas Razorbacks tonight at Razorback Stadium. The game ended with a 7-0 victory for the Razorbacks as both sides struggled to gain the upperhand.

After an interception, the Razorbacks interrupted the Tigers’ offense. No. 17 defensive back Marquiz Jackson intercepted a pass made by Razorback No. 4  quarterback Drake Browning and ran 36 yards.

The Tigers and Razorbacks traded punts first quarter and then the Tigers lost possession on downs.

The Razorbacks then completed a 30-yard pass and Razorback quarterback Browning ran 19 yards all the way to the 3rd yard line. However, the first quarter then ended 0-0.

At the start of the second quarter, Browning scored a 2-yard touchdown and a successful PAT making the score 7-0 Razorbacks.

The Tigers twice and the Razorbacks once lost their offenses after their fourth downs in the second quarter. After a series of penalties, incomplete passes and a failure to make yardage by Tiger wide receiver Tevailance Hunt, quarterback Coltin Clack attempts to run the ball but was penalized at the 50-yard line holding which made the score at the end of the second quarter 7-0 Razorbacks.

The Tigers received the kickoff at the start of the third quarter as the Tigers lost the possession after kicker Logan Snell missed a 34-yard field goal.

Shortly before the end of the third quarter the Razorbacks attempted a field goal. But were blocked by defensive lineman Dejonte Harper, who then returned the ball to the Tigers’ own keeping the Tiger’s chances of a victory come back alive.

The Tigers began the fourth quarter on their own 32-yard line but were ultimately brought to a halt after a sack on the third down.

The fourth quarter continued on after the Tigers moved down the field in small yardage increments and many penalties were called on them. The Tigers lost their offense at fourth and four in Razorback territory when Clack held onto the ball and was sacked for a turnover on downs.

With 2:51 on the clock the Razorbacks were first and 10 as the Tigers and Razorbacks used two total consecutive timeouts before the Razorbacks got possession of the ball and ran the clock out, claiming their 7-0 victory.

“Many of our players were hurt tonight [by our losses] but the only thing we can do is learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward,” Texas High Athletic Director Gerry Stanford said. “This week we will take a look at the film and keep improving.”

The Tigers will play Liberty Eylau next Friday Sept. 15 at 7:30 p.m.

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About the Contributors
Joseph Rodgers, news editor
Joseph Rodgers is a student at Texas High whose experiences in the infamous junior year should be featured on the survival show “Man vs Wild.” He checks his grades and his news alerts every half hour due to his always-stay-on-top attitude. His enthusiasm about being the co-news editor has forced him to make a blood covenant...
Jackson Cheney, staff writer
Jackson Cheney is a sophomore here at Texas High who is thrilled to no longer be a freshman. He is a first year staffer that loves basketball, shoes and his favorite rapper, Logic. He is prepared to fight through all the bad jokes and puns that will be made to become the best writer he...
Nick Mitchell, staff writer
Nick Mitchell is a sophomore at Texas High School. He is also incumbent class president for Student Council. From tennis and sports to music and sneakers, his interests are wide spread. You can catch him listening to Chance the Rapper and playing tennis on the weekends. He’s excited to start his path in journalism and...
Angela Valle, photographer
Angela Valle is a senior and second-year photographer. You can usually find her in Smith’s on her computer next to Redneck Kift. Also on Oct. 3, she’s going to Disney World, so if you want to come on down, come on down. [email protected]
Alyssa Higgins, photographer, staff writer
Alyssa Higgins is a junior at Texas High and loves to watch Netflix every chance she gets. She is in love with Beyonce and aspires to be her one day (#QueenBee.) “A diva is a female version of a hustler,” Beyonce says, and this is the quote that she lives by. She is also a...
Auryeal Parker, photographer
Auryeal Parker is a senior photographer. She knows Russian, sign language and English. Beyonce once said, “the most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence,” and she has plenty of confidence. When she is not taking pictures she is sleeping; when she is not sleeping she is taking pictures. [email protected]
Breannan Cranford, photographer
Breannan Cranford is a first year junior staff photographer. She is the team manager for the Tigersharks swim team and gets along with everyone well.  In her free time she likes to hang out with her church besties and sometimes with her school besties. She is a very cheesy and corny person with the biggest...
Anna Kate Jordan, photographer
Anna Kate Jordan (also goes by AK) is a senior first year photographer. She is usually in a good mood so if you see her mad something is probably wrong, and you might want to watch yourself. Oh and she also has a basketball game tomorrow. [email protected]
Dawson Kelley, photographer
Dawson Kelley (also referred to as D.Kelley because that’s so much easier to say than Dawson I guess), is a second year photographer that still has no grasp on reality and knows nothing of the outside world, also he has no idea how he got here or what to do after high school. dawsonkelleytigertimesonline.com
Rivers Edwards, photographer
Rivers Edwards is a Junior and first year Photographer. Rivers can usually be found either at the gas station because his truck has a drinking problem or out on the water fishing (yee yee). Rivers is the number two redneck of the photographers but don’t worry he’s here to replace redneck Kift’s crown. [email protected] “Hannah...
Alexis Runnels, staff writer, photographer
Alexis Runnels is a junior who enjoys sappy movies and long walks at the beach, probably with a book in her hands. When she isn’t rewatching old romcom movies or taking photos, she is probably listening to music and thinking about the world and the people in it. To this day, she’s still deciding on...
Racheal Sizemore, photographer
Racheal Sizemore is a senior at Texas High and a captain of the Tigershark swim team. This is her second year of being involved in photography. Whenever she is not at school or swim practice, she is at home eating and watching the Star Wars trilogy. She is very indecisive and does not know what...
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Tigers fall to Razorbacks