Swimming toward bigger pools

Senior reflects on time spent in swim


Photo by Alyssa Higgins

Senior Dylan Rosser backstrokes at the orange black and white swim meet. Rosser has been a swimmer for the past six years.

Story by Cameron Murry , staff writer

The alarm goes off. He’s already awake, speedo in tow. The pool is calling his name as he grabs the keys and heads out the door, a morning of water ahead of him.

After seven years of swimming, Dylan Rosser reflects on the time he’s spent with the sport.

“I went to a summer program and there was swimming involved,” Rosser said. “I was really good at it, so I just stuck with it when I went to middle school.”

The life skills he’s obtained both in and out of the pool have impacted Rosser’s life.

“Swimming has a good discipline background,” Rosser said. “You’re gonna be on time for everything, and it’s just a good teamwork thing.”

Setting standards and goals for himself has been an important part of this athlete’s life.

“Every year I have to set new goals,” Rosser said. “Every year, kids get faster and faster, so I have to compete with them.”

The effort Rosser has put into swim over the past years has led him to make lasting relationships, especially with coaches.

“Coach Vogan is like a second dad,” Rosser said. “He always wanted me to do the best thing and try my hardest.”

Rosser has seen many friendships blossom from his involvement in teamwork within swim, as well.

“Pretty much all of my friendships are from swim,” Rosser said. “You really respect things when you’re on a team. You respect others.”

With graduation coming up and college right around the corner, Rosser has decided to quit his sport.

“I’m going to University of Arkansas,” Rosser said. “They don’t have a swim team for boys; they have a girls swim team. I’m not going to be swimming in college.”

Although he won’t be swimming, that doesn’t mean he’ll be leaving the sport behind entirely.

“It’s going to be easier to set goals, have plans, and be on top of everything in college,” Rosser said. “I may swim when i get to college just to stay in shape because it is a great workout.”