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Cayli Clack
Sophomore Cayli Clack is no longer a newbie at Texas High, thank goodness. New to publications, yet super thrilled, she is ready for this upcoming year. She is an avid varsity tennis player and spends most of her busy life out on the court. However, tennis is not the only thing that she enjoys. In her freetime, friends, family and photos are some things that make her life more easygoing. Capturing special moments with a lens is a happy place for Cayli, and she wishes to aspire that passion and turn it into a lifestyle. Family is a must, but being with friends is how most of her time is consumed. She has three dogs that she considers her closest friends: Lexi, her sweet white lab, Maya, her insane charcoal lab, and Mercy, a mastiff puppy with a full tank of energy. Cayli’s personality is most definitely outgoing with a crazy sense of humor. She has adapted to never giving up, and tennis has given her the ability to do so. Positivity looks good on Cayli, and luckily that is the only way she is seen. Yearbook is a new adventure that she hopes can turn out to be a way to learn new things and make some everlasting memories.

Cayli Clack, staff

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