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Cort Rainwater
Cort Rainwater is a first year staff on the Texas High Publications. He is a hardworking and diligent person that responds well to any kind of situation. He remains relaxed throughout whatever he is going through, which normally includes sports medicine and dealing with the pressure of a higher level English.  He is a part of StuCo, and he is also a second year trainer, which takes out about three hours every day for him. Apart from school activities, Cort works on getting ready to major in technical engineering and spending time with his family by watching movies. He also deals with practicing the guitar and singing for his church. He dreams of receiving his Ph.D. from TAMU in computer engineering and turning that into a lifelong career. With the help of Ms. Potter and Mr. Smith, Cort plans on making changes toward the better for the yearbook

Cort Rainwater, staff

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