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Eryn McDonald
Eryn McDonald is a third year staffer and amazingly has survived having editor in chief roles in both TigerVision and YearBook. On top of the eternal sin of being on the “darkside,” she has entangled in a relationship with publication’s biggest hater. It is okay though because she loves publications no lesser and spends many hours attempting to perfecting the Yearbook. She spends all of her time handcrafting spotify playlists, playing fortnite, and eating tons of pizza. She is very opinionated and enjoys the occasional debate. If she is not working for Yearbook then she is editing a package or highlights for TigerVision. She may wear the same sweatshirts and hoodies everyday but she loves to dress up once in a while and likes to “hype” everyone who passes by her. Her life is all over the place but when she finds something that she loves, she puts her all into it. She may sound intimidating but trust me she is very nice to those who are nice to her. She loves to spread love because that is all she wants in return. #yeahduuuude

Eryn McDonald, editor in chief

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