Tiger Times

Haley Wood
Serving her second year on staff, junior Haley Wood is one of the Student Life editors for the this year’s yearbook. When she’s not at swim practice training for her next meet, you can catch her watching skin care routines and look books on YouTube or obsessing over Harry Styles. She is a determined student who values her school work and grades, despite her lack of time management due to her intense hobby of watching skin care routines and look books on YouTube, and obsessing over Harry Styles. She’s extremely passionate about Jesus and her friends, and thoroughly enjoys fellowship with those around her. Although she loves fashion and thrifting for eclectic and out of the ordinary clothing accessories, you will probably see her most in large T-shirts and leggings. She is constantly looking for new music to play extremely loud in her car and is always down to talk about One Direction. Scared yet hopeful for her junior year, she is optimistic for the future and cannot wait for where life takes her next.

Haley Wood, student life editor

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