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Julia Whitehorn
Julia Whitehorn is a second-year staff member of Texas High Publications, and is excited about being this year’s Student Life editor. She is a member of Leadership, as well as DECA and too many other clubs to include here. Last year she competed in Financial Consulting for Deca and was a state finalist. This year, she has aspirations of going to the national conference, which may or may not be based heavily on the fact that it’s at the place where dreams really do come true, Disney World. On an evening when she is not completely swamped with history notes, an English assignment, calculus homework or a chemistry worksheet, you may find her in the comfortable seclusion of her room watching her latest Netflix series, or roaming the aisles of Target trying so hard to simply look and not buy. She is ready to head into the lion’s den that is junior year, and come out the other side better for it, knowing she thrived the whole way.

Julia Whitehorn, student life editor

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