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Meredith Green
Meredith Green is entering her second year as a yearbook staff member and somehow her first year as an academics and organizations editor. She is a fun-loving and overly empathetic girl who loves to work hard and play moderately hard. She is a second-year drill team member and embarking on her first year in the position of social officer. She is vice president of Mu Alpha Theta, progressive dinner chair for Rosebuds Junior Garden Club, class representative for Student Council, as well as a member of National Honors Society. Meredith is a lover of all things hugs and cuddles, and is unhealthily obsessed with Harry Styles. She is either constantly confused or constantly laughing,and can nearly always be found watching Netflix with her mom. This year she plans on maintaining a sliver of a social life while surviving her junior year and making the best yearbook yet.

Meredith Green, academics/organizations editor

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