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Peyton Sims
Peyton Sims is a first-year culture editor for Tiger Times and a staff photographer. She is extremely excited for the upcoming school year and to see all of the adventures her and her fellow staff members will go on. She loves fashion and will always attempt to create the strangest and most unique outfits. She loves a good artsy aesthetic, and it often looks like she’s living in another time period. If Peyton isn’t writing a new story, editing someone else’s or taking pictures, you can find her painting, watching Stranger Things or looking for new finds at a local thrift store. During her junior year, she wants to take everything in and not let stress overcome all of her positivity. She’s immensely excited for the new bonds and memories that are yet to be created. This year will be better than any other.

Peyton Sims, culture editor, photographer

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