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TJ Wall
TJ Wall, also known as “Wheelz,” is a fun-loving, witty guy who loves sports, music and keeping up with the latest news. He’s a sophomore who makes good grades and aspires to attend University of Texas and eventually become a lawyer. He is an active member of Trinity Baptist Church and loves attending his youth group. TJ may seem a little quiet at first, but when you get to know him, you will realize that he’s almost never serious. He’s always cracking a joke about his “handicappedness” every chance he gets. People aren’t sure if they should laugh when he makes fun of himself but I can assure you, it won’t hurt his feelings. If you are ever looking for him, he will not be hard to find. He is about 3 foot tall, he has 6 wheels, and he’s bright orange like Donald Trump. He’s usually trying to escape the crazy chaos that is to come when the school bell rings so you may see him frantically flying down the halls at approximately 6.1 mph. He may seem a little weird or crazy, but go introduce yourself to him and you two will become friends right off the bat.

TJ Wall, staff writer

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