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Haley Wood

Haley Wood, editor in chief

Serving her third year on staff, senior Haley Wood is one of the three EIC’s over the 2020 yearbook. When she’s not at swim practice training for her next meet, you can catch her falling down a wormhole of youtube videos and spending way too much time napping (it’s becoming a problem). She is a determined student who values her school work, despite the fact that she might just stare at a wall for an hour and forget that she has any work to do. She’s extremely passionate about Jesus and her friends, and thoroughly enjoys fellowship with those around her. She is easily embarrassed, but that doesn’t stop her from unintentionally embarrassing herself! Haha she is just so silly and crazy! Anyways.. she is constantly looking for new music to play extremely loud in her car and is always down to talk about One Direction. Haley is also in love with Harry Styles, and it might be qualified as a severe obsession.  She is super duper excited yet sad for her last year of high school, and she can’t wait to see what senior year holds!!

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Haley Wood