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Alexis Runnels
Alexis Runnels is a junior who enjoys sappy movies and long walks at the beach, probably with a book in her hands. When she isn’t rewatching old romcom movies or taking photos, she is probably listening to music and thinking about the world and the people in it. To this day, she’s still deciding on her career choice but she’s narrowed it down to either Veterinary medicine or Pediatrics. Overall, Alexis is a bubbly and attentive person who is normally quiet, other than when she's been provoked by an unwise comment that must be responded to with sarcasm. You can usually find Alexis in some nook of the library trying to eat and do school work all the while being distracted by the variety of books around her. [email protected]

Alexis Runnels, staff writer, photographer

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Alexis Runnels