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Cate Rounds
Cate Rounds is a junior at Texas High and is one of the culture editors at the Tiger Times. When she’s not writing and editing stories, she can usually be found in the theater that owns part of her soul. She is always in a show, whether it’s the play, musical or UIL One Act. Although, she wouldn’t want it any other way. Cate can often be found breaking out into song at any minor inconvenience. She has a twin sister who is a yearbook editor (gross, right?). The key to this girl’s heart is through food. Yes, it is basic, but she is a human garbage disposal. She is a strong advocate for not using straws to save the turtles. She basically started the trend, at least in Texarkana, after people made fun of her, for the record. She’s ready to have the best year in newspaper.


Cate Rounds, culture editor

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Cate Rounds