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Joseph Rodgers is a student at Texas High whose experiences in the infamous junior year should be featured on the survival show "Man vs Wild." He checks his grades and his news alerts every half hour due to his always-stay-on-top attitude. His enthusiasm about being the co-news editor has forced him to make a blood covenant to edit every story written within two days. Unfortunately, he does not know what he will major in, but he possesses many interests including journalism, the medical field, technology, politics and business. When you encounter someone scurrying all over campus like an ant, it is probably Joseph running all of his errands, so just walk with him and he will talk your ears off. Student Council remind messages and Trello comments are two of the main things that you may receive from him besides a friendly-yet-awkward text message, so watch out and always change your permissions. [email protected]

Joseph Rodgers, news editor

Feb 25, 2019
Harder, better, faster, stronger (Story)
Feb 10, 2019
Band, Choir members earn first division at contest (Story)
Dec 24, 2018
Lost its flavor (Story)
Dec 08, 2018
At a crossroads  (Story)
Nov 27, 2018
Cat got their tongue (Story)
Nov 19, 2018
Meeting in the middle (Story/Media)
Nov 19, 2018
One for the record books (Story/Media)
Nov 10, 2018
Bittersweet symphony (Story)
Nov 09, 2018
Preliminary predicament (Story/Media)
Nov 09, 2018
The end of the road (Story)
Nov 07, 2018
Midterm election results (Story)
Nov 05, 2018
Coming back home (Story)
Nov 05, 2018
One state in a debate (Story)
Oct 24, 2018
The college choice (Story/Media)
Oct 13, 2018
Pirates sink Tigers (Story)
Oct 10, 2018
Straw ban does more harm than good, will not impact marine pollution (Story)
Sep 28, 2018
Lions maul Tigers (Story)
Sep 15, 2018
Superior Cats (Story)
Sep 08, 2018
Frying the bacon (Story)
Sep 06, 2018
REDI for a new era (Story)
Aug 31, 2018
Caught in the Hawk’s Claw (Story)
Aug 21, 2018
Digging for gold (Story)
Aug 12, 2018
A lost connection (Story)
Jun 22, 2018
Dupree to be approved as new THS principal (Story)
Jun 15, 2018
Russian to Moscow (Story)
Jun 05, 2018
A piece of history (Story)
May 31, 2018
Principal Brad Bailey accepts position as TISD Chief Operating Officer (Story)
May 25, 2018
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire (Story)
May 21, 2018
To infinity and beyond (Story)
Apr 12, 2018
Renovated pride (Story)
Apr 06, 2018
Where dreams come true (Story)
Mar 29, 2018
Public Schools Week Breakfast (Media)
Mar 12, 2018
Knowledge is power (Story)
Mar 09, 2018
Cat in the hat kind of day (Story)
Mar 08, 2018
Texas primary election results (Story)
Feb 02, 2018
Six Leg Fun Run (Media)
Jan 29, 2018
Building the foundation for sophomores (Story/Media)
Jan 24, 2018
The Tigers upend the Hawks (Story)
Jan 23, 2018
Blood drive to be held Monday (Media)
Jan 20, 2018
All trumped up (Story)
Jan 19, 2018
‘Oklahoma!’ Review (Story)
Jan 16, 2018
‘Star Wars The Last Jedi’ review (Story)
Jan 11, 2018
The most successful product ever? (Story)
Dec 22, 2017
Model UN students win award at event (Story)
Dec 21, 2017
Defying the odds (Story)
Dec 13, 2017
The legality of Net Neutrality (Story)
Dec 08, 2017
Russian Athletes Banned From 2018 Winter Olympics (Story)
Nov 09, 2017
Texas thespians (Media)
Nov 07, 2017
Get the vote, get the game (Story)
Nov 03, 2017
Khalid at TASC State Convention (Story)
Oct 31, 2017
Joseph vs Episode 1: Pumpkin Carving (Story)
Oct 19, 2017
Club picture day to be on Oct. 23 (Story)
Oct 14, 2017
Go and tell it to the masses (Media)
Oct 10, 2017
Welding a win (Story)
Sep 23, 2017
Tigers tame the Bulldogs (Story)
Sep 20, 2017
Fill’er up (Story)
Sep 18, 2017
Every HighStepper journey begins with a single kick (Story)
Sep 12, 2017
A fair day (Story)
Sep 09, 2017
Tigers fall to Razorbacks (Story)
Sep 08, 2017
2018 Bacon Fry (Media)
Sep 07, 2017
Before we start throwing stones (Story)
Sep 06, 2017
Painting the pit (Story/Media)
Sep 02, 2017
The Friars fry the Tigers (Story)
Sep 01, 2017
Band prepares for 2017 marching season (Media)
Aug 28, 2017
Preparing for senior year seminar (Story)
Aug 04, 2017
A home away from home (Story)
May 09, 2017
When lightning strikes (Story)
Apr 10, 2017
Sophomore accepted into prestigious college program (Story)
Apr 06, 2017
Girls softball takes down Bobcats (Story)
Jan 17, 2017
Battle of the cats (Story)
Dec 17, 2016
It’s a dust-up (Story)
Nov 26, 2016
Swimming toward Olympic success (Story)
Nov 20, 2016
An equation for success (Story)
Nov 19, 2016
A vile verdict (Story)
Nov 08, 2016
Graduates honored at Distinguished Alumni breakfast (Story)
Oct 10, 2016
Lady Tiger volleyball victorious over Pine Tree (Story)
Oct 05, 2016
See You at the Pole gives students chance to celebrate faith (Story)
Oct 03, 2016
Let’s get political (Story)
Aug 26, 2016
Heading to the clubs (Story)
Aug 19, 2016
Outlawed Olympians (Story)
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