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Paisley Allen is a sophomore at Texas High and a first year staff member. While she is excited for newspaper and what it will bring, she is terrified that the rest of the staff will get awfully sick of her constant confusion and perpetual lateness. She is certain that after the fact she will be shunned and forever known as the girl who shows up with her makeup bag spilling everywhere. However, she is determined to show up on time and to be less confused, and she is optimistic about her ability to do so. Besides being late to everything, she spends her time binge-watching Netflix and promoting Netflix originals, because if we’re being honest, they are all amazing (specifically “Stranger Things,” everybody watch it.) Despite sounding like a couch potato, she does spend a lot of time with her fabulous youth group, for which she is incredibly grateful; they brought her out of her 7th grade emo phase. To this day there is not an ounce of angst. So blessed.

Paisley Allen, Staff Writer

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Paisley Allen