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Stephanie Jumper
Junior Stephanie Jumper is ecstatic to announce that she is this year’s feature editor and a second-year member of the Tiger Times. In addition to being a writer and editor, she is also an explorer. Her room is littered with countless trinkets from her travels across Europe and China, including a mildly creepy Pinocchio puppet as well as a plethora of Russian nesting dolls. She is a proud owner of an always expanding collection of 26 leather jackets. There’s just something effortlessly cool about the ‘50s greaser aesthetic. Maybe her alarming amount of leather fills the void of having siblings, as she is the only child to two near elderly parents. Stephanie uses this fact to excuse her chronic shyness. Despite being cursed with a timid personality, she can’t wait for another year of interviewing, writing and selling her soul to student journalism.

Stephanie Jumper, feature editor

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Stephanie Jumper