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Eating away at reality

Eating away at reality

September 23, 2019

Models with perfect curves, small waists and naturally beautiful features overtake her Instagram feed. “Why can’t I look like that?” She looks in the mirror and is dissatisfied with what she sees. She’s nothing like any of the models she’s seen on social media. Maybe if she skips a couple of ...


Passion beats talent

April 10, 2018

Ever since we are born, we let ourselves be limited by fear. We don’t walk till we’re sure we won’t fall. We identify our talents early and stick to them. We don’t try anything unless we know we will succeed. However, this mentality is detrimental to our joy and the chance to find new passions...

Senior Amanda Hackleman listens to music to relax against the everyday chaos that faces a teen.

Music mends the soul of a senior

February 19, 2015

Another fight. Another failed test. Another thing in my life that didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. Now, I’m alone in front of my computer, seething with anger. Life has bested me again and now my face is turning red and metaphorical smoke is coming out of my ears. I open Spotify. The lists...

Senior Lauren Gibbert and juniors Madison Winchell, Paige Gibbert and Carley Wallace

In a matter of seconds

February 18, 2015

Four minds, four hearts and four bonds that could never be broken. A memory that will never fade from their minds. On this night, the lives of four innocent girls nearly diminished as they made their way down the road to pain, heartache and fear. Beyond the joyful thoughts, never-ending laughs and friendly...

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