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Senior Anna Graves signs thirst project jug in support of her pledge.

Thirsty for pledges

March 23, 2016

One in 10 people in the world lack access to safe water. That’s almost one billion people who are without something safe to drink every day. Every 19 seconds, a child dies of a water-related disease. These children are forced to drink dirty or contaminated water so that they don’t die of thirst, but...

Hydrate the cause

Hydrate the cause

October 15, 2015

MeYou wake up. You take a shower. Brush your teeth. Flush the toilet. Wash your hands. Get a glass of water. Water the lawn. Start the dishwasher. Do a load of laundry. The average American uses about 100 gallons of water a day. Imagine having to walk more than 3 miles from your home to collect just...

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