Trip to Ireland helps students make difference


Story by Davis Payne, Entertainment Editor

The world has always needed people to make a difference. It always will. This principle was understood and acted on by a small group of students.

During the summer, a group of Texas High students participated in a mission trip to Ireland. They went with a group of 19 from Fellowship Bible Church, which consisted of 15 students and four adults.

The mission was headed by United Beach Missions. The focus of the mission was evangelism which was carried out mainly by the students.

The team arrived in Limerick and stayed together for a few days before splitting up.

“We split up into four different teams,” senior Scarlett Stussy said. “This way, we were able to cover more area.”

The names of the different areas were Valley Bunion, Rosscarbery, Tramore and Kilkee.

“I went with a group to Tramore,” junior Sarah Scales said. “We stayed in a church while there.”

While at their individual locations, the members of each group would get to know the locals by playing with children on the beach and teaching Bible lessons to them. At night, the groups would have a segment called “Open Air.” During this time, one person from the mission would preach in the streets, then if anyone had questions, the other members of the group would talk to them and do their best to answer the questions.

“It was cool to work with people from another continent,” senior Rachel Burgess said. “Even though there was an ocean between us and the people there, it was incredible that we worked so well together and were so passionate for the same cause.”

The students had many memorable experiences on the trip, but, in the end, their mission to show others to the Lord was the primary focus.

“I had an awesome experience while working with a student from Pleasant Grove,” Scales said. “We ending up helping a man to know God.”

The world will always need people to help make a difference. This opportunity is always open. The opportunity to act. The opportunity to change.

“I went because it was an incredible opportunity to spread God’s word as well as to visit another country,” Burgess said. “But it was so much more than that. I made bonds with my teammates that I never expected, and the experiences I had there will be with me forever.”