Maids dish on everything from Jersey Shore to Bora Bora


Story by Madison Sewell, Staff Writer

Homecoming court, the secret desire of all girls in high school. The coveted spots, the dresses, the smiles. The envy of the school. Who are the lucky ladies on court this year? You’ve seen the faces in the halls, maybe waved, said a few words. How many people actually know these girls? If you’re stuck or just don’t know who to vote for homecoming queen because you don’t really “know” the candidates, maybe this can help you out.

Q: What’s your passion?
Q: What’s your ideal vacation spot?
Q: What’s your favorite article of clothing?
Q: Would you rather be on Survivor or Jersey Shore?
Q: What’s something that not a lot of people may know about you?

Claire Howard: Music. I feel like the best way I can express myself is through playing the flute.
Claire: The Bahamas definitely! It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.
Claire: Pajamas
Claire: Jersey Shore.
Claire: When I was seven I took a class at Texarkana College, making me the youngest person to ever take a class there, and I knit.

Patience Beard: Cheer. I’ve been doing it since the seventh grade. It’s a really positive, upbeat sport.
Patience: Anywhere that has a beach.
Patience: T-shirts
Patience: Jersey Shore.
Patience: I have to be listening to music 24/7. I really love it.

Larkin Parks: Dance. I’ve been dancing since I was two.
Larkin: New York City.
Larkin- Sweat pants. I love to dance in them.
Larkin- Jersey Shore.
Larkin: I like to sing really, really loud when no ones at home or when I’m in the car by myself.

Olivia Norton: My horses and barrel racing. I’ve been riding for eleven years and it makes my day to go see my boys.
Olivia: Disney World.
Olivia: My Charlie One Horse cowboy hat. It’s amazing. I’m in love with that hat.
Olivia- Survivor.
Olivia: Probably six out of seven nights a week, I take a bubble bath to relax me before I go to sleep.

Laney Davis: Dancing and Rodeo. I love to perform, and I get an adrenaline rush when I rodeo. They’re just things that I’ve always done.
Laney: Bora Bora Island off the coast of Mexico. I love beaches, and the water there is beautiful.
Laney: Being barefoot in a comfy t-shirt and pair of blue jeans.
Laney: Jersey Shore. I’d fit in there.
Laney: I love any fried food, especially covered in cheese.

Taylor Coleman: This sounds crazy, but I just love to be optimistic. I love smiling and laughing and making the best out of any situation.
Taylor: Hawaii. The weather looks perfect and it’s absolutely beautiful.
Taylor: Miss Me jeans.
Taylor: Jersey Shore.
Taylor: I can sketch and draw fairly well.

Dee Remmes: I love to play soccer because not only do I love the sport, but I love my team. We’re a big family.
Dee: San Diego, my home town. It’s beautiful scenery, and I love the beach.
Dee: Nike shorts and a t-shirt. It’s my most comfortable outfit.
Dee: Survivor.
Dee: I took karate for six years.

Hillary Humphrey: Dance because I can be whoever or whatever I want. I can express whatever feelings I’ve been having.
Hillary: Disney World. I’m a kid at heart, and I’ve been going every year for the past seven years.
Hillary: My drill team sweats.
Hillary: Jersey Shore. GTL, Fist- pumping, Italy? No doubt about it.
Hillary: I can make my stomach growl on cue.

Shea Smith: Soccer. I love being on the field, and actually enjoy going to practice. The team is like family.
Shea: Australia. It seems so cool and laid-back. I met this woman from Australia once and she was really awesome.
Shea: T-shirt and Nike shorts.
Shea: Survivor because all the challenges look like a lot of fun.
Shea: I have a freckle in my eye.

Monica Ridgeway: Kids. I love kids. They make me happy. I love teaching them through ready set teach and at through student ministry at my church.
Monica: Australia. It so far away but it looks really nice! I wouldn’t have to worry about learning a different language.
Monica: a sports top and Nike shorts. You can do almost anything in them while staying comfortable.
Monica: Jersey Shore because it actually looks like they’re having fun!
Monica: I sing in church all the time, and I actually sing pretty well.