The perfect pair: Couple takes pride in relationship

The perfect pair: Couple takes pride in relationship

Juniors Michael Stanley and Amy McCoy play cards. They have been dating for more than a year and are considered “perfect” for one another.

Story by John David Goins, News Editor

He’s on the football team and she’s on the swim team. She’s in photography and he’s in soccer. He’s the junior class secretary and she’s a Rosebuds officer. Though they are both different in many ways, they couldn’t be more perfect for one another.

Michael Stanley and Amy McCoy started dating on Oct. 20, 2010, and on Oct. 20 this year, they acted like it was any other day, because their relationship hasn’t wavered at all.The couple first met while at STEM bridge camp before freshman year. However, they didn’t really get to know each other until the summer of sophomore year came around.

“Michael and Amy are the definition of a perfect couple and are two of the most positive people I have ever met,” junior Madeleine Russell said. “They always have a smile on their faces, and every time they’re together it’s like they light up the entire room.”

Everyone knows that the hardest thing about a relationship is getting it started. If things are too awkward it might not last more than a day. Amy and Micheal were set up by their friend Emily Speer. She played the key role of making them feel as uncomfortable as possible.

“They are both really precious people who look really cute when put together,” Speer said. “My job in setting them up was make the both of them feel uncomfortable and see how they handled it. They fared pretty well which is obviously why they are still dating.”

It all started with a slow dance at homecoming when Michael Stanley asked her sweetly while they swayed back and forth. He laughed slightly while they were listening to the country song in the background and then he asked.

“They are probably the cutest couple at Texas High,” junior Natalie Copeland said. “They were designed for each other by the gods.”

Neither can drive and they can only talk by phone so their first date was nothing too fancy, but it obviously didn’t stop the relationship from growing.

“We just chilled at my house and watched movies,” McCoy said. “It was really cool; we just talked and hung out.”

With any relationship come nicknames, whether they are wanted or not. Some of the nicknames they have used are very original.

“I have called her tonto, sweetcheeks, gege, and peppermint baby,” Stanley said. “She’s absolutely amazing, I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend.”

If you want to know what makes a good relationship, just take a look at Amy and Michael whom have never fought and have managed to be there for each other whenever the other needs help. The key to this kind of a relationship is to be friends as well as a couple.

“We both care about each other a lot, he is the sweetest thing,” McCoy said. “He’s not just my boyfriend, he’s my best friend too.”