Nashville dreams

Senior sets goal to gain fame in the country music industry through natural talents


Photo by Kelsi Brinkmeyer

Senior Ray Walker performs during the homecoming presentation.

The lights shone down on his face. The homecoming court maids sat behind him. For the first time in his high school career, he played the guitar and sang live in front of an audience.

For the first time, people started to remember his name.

Senior Ray Walker has found a unique way of expressing his thoughts and feelings through music. It’s become his escape from the day and a way to show people what he truly feels.

“I have about 30 songs that I have [written],” Walker said. “I started writing songs when I was maybe 10-years-old.”

Walker was inspired by listening to music and relating to the message of the lyrics.

“I heard a song on the radio by George Strait, and I just started writing music,” Walker said. “I write about anything. Partying, break-ups, love. Like hard times and growing up.”

Ray had been interested in making music since kindergarten and imitating popular sounds heard on the radio and television.

“I taught myself how to play the guitar and sing and play the piano when I was 6,” Walker said. “I just listened to music and imitated the sound.”

Ray performed at the homecoming court presentation last fall and impressed the crowd with his voice and talent.

“I sang ‘When You Say Nothing at All’ by Keith Whitley,” Walker said. “It’s my favorite song to perform, and it sounded really good in the theater.”

Walker is continuing to learn and develop his talent and is looking to pursue a future in music.

“I’m in the vocal ensemble and the piano classes here at school,” Walker said. “I know that will help me become a better musician and pursue my dream.”