Moving to his own beat

Sophomore uses talent to create his own music


Photo by Rachael Sizemore

Sophomore Doland Smith dances to a song of his own creation. Smith works in a recording studio and is working on producing his own album.

Story by Victoria Van, staff writer

Rhythmic beats and booming sounds envelop the room. A range of vocals are layered to create a momentous melody. He concentrates on expressing his love by generating countless songs, letting the creativity overwhelm him and his work.

Numbers of aspiring artists often go unrecognized because of their lost opportunities, yet sophomore Doland Smith, an unrestrained extrovert, thrives on any chance to express his love for music.

“The recording studio I work for wanted me to join after my sister got a deal there,” Smith said. “I started working for the recording studio my eighth grade year.”

In the recording studio, Smith arranges his pieces of digital instruments that allow him to establish an organized atmosphere and perform. His colleagues in the studio have different roles to occupy, such as arranging the music, repeating rhythms and adding bass guitar to the background. The combined efforts end with exceptional results.

“I use a keyboard with snares and different beats. I have to manually press each key and work quickly because the beats don’t automatically hold themselves,” Smith said. “It’s a long process but the ultimate result is really cool.”

Not only does his endurance for musical talent get rewarded from selling his music, but producing his own music has become a priority as well.

“Even while I’m making music for other people, I spend time working on my album,” Smith said. “Right now seven songs are featured but by July, I’m excited to release what I’ve been constantly trying to produce and work hard for.”

Smith’s compassion for piecing together a variety of musical works shows no signs of hesitation. Encouragement to pursue his dreams is key, even if the start is slowly progressing.

“People should show they love music by mainly however they feel. There isn’t one way people should show how much they like music,” Smith said. “Little things can become a beat to enjoy. Like tapping on a desk is music in a way. That’s what I enjoy about music, it can be anything. The limits are only there if you put the walls up.”