Senior describes best holiday surprise

Story by Julia Hurlburt

Boy meets girl, girl likes boy, and boy likes girl back. Though this is not always how it goes, this is the general type of dream a teenage girl keeps close to her heart. For senior Jennsine Davis, the teenage dream came true her freshman year at Provo High in Wisconsin.

“The day before Valentine’s Day [the guy I liked and I] ended up getting in a little ‘argument’,” Davis said. “I wouldn’t talk to him.”

The day of Valentine’s she went to school like any other day, but when she walked to her locker that morning she found something she never expected. On her locker she found heart stickers. When she opened the locker, she was shocked to discover a huge teddy bear, four balloons, and a watch in a box with a card.

“I was so happy,” Davis said. “I had a huge smile on my face.”

Inside the card, the boy she had been crushing on confessed how much he cared for her in return. He gave her the watch  so she would be able to keep track of the time for their date later that night.

What she didn’t know was he was standing at the end of the hallway watching the entire time. As she turned to see him her smile grew. He walked to meet her and they hugged. The day ended and the weekend came. He picked her up and went out to eat. Afterward, they climbed to the top of Y mountain, part of BYU university where they could see a view of the entire city. After the climb he took her bowling and to get some ice cream.

It’s four years later, a different school, and fling ended.

“Till this day we remain close friends,” Davis said. “ It has been the best Valentine’s I have had.”