Twitter politics get Riley riled up


Story by Riley Rogers, Co-Viewpoint Editor

The election has come and gone the same way it always does, but there is something new this year. I’m not sure if it’s because Twitter has become popular, or I am at the age where one actually pays attention to politics; but it seems that everyone has an opinion about politics and they want to publicize it.

My Twitter feed has been bombarded with tweets about Romney and Obama. The majority of these tweets are from my peers who cannot even vote yet.

My followers who can vote seem to get annoyed by this, and yes, it can be really annoying to constantly see tweets about the election from people that are younger than you, but it’s not all bad. I think that this has allowed the younger population to not only get educated about both candidates, but also voice their opinion. However I do not appreciate the slamming of either candidate.

Since I am only 17 and cannot vote in this election, I can sympathize with them. My friends that are 18 and can vote, voice their opinion that way. Social media allows for non-adults to voice their opinion. Twitter is a great way, though it may get annoying, to share your voice.