The facts behind the fur

Brands to avoid in the winter season


Photo by Peyton Sims

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Story by Peyton Sims, culture editor

The weather leaves you shivering after seconds of being exposed to the freezing outdoor temperatures. You scavenge through your closet in hopes of finding something that will keep you cozy and warm. You slip on your Ugg boots and grab your favorite fur coat without thinking of animals that might have been harmed in the process for your comfort.

Each year, over 50 million animals are violently slaughtered for clothing products. Sadly, there are very few individuals fighting for a change in the fashion industry, but if people stop purchasing from certain brands, they’ll have no option besides shutting down their business.


The brand Ugg makes a majority of their clothing items from sheepskin, which the sheep have to be slaughtered for. Sadly, in the Australian wool industry, over three million lambs are sent to be slaughtered each spring. Ugg is also well known for other products besides boots like jackets, hats, gloves, socks and more all made out of sheepskin. For the past decade, the trending brand has drawn in numerous consumers who are ready to get their hands on UGG’s products.Despite their comfort, they are not a vegan brand that protects the rights of animals.


The trendy brand Lululemon sells down jackets, which are jackets that have been stuffed with down feathers for increased comfort. However, down feathers are often violently plucked from ducks and geese when they’re still alive. This brand has become a staple brand for a majority of teens, but it may not be the most ethical clothing choice when it comes to saving the environment.


Gucci is a world famous brand that has been around for almost a century and is known for its designer clothes and leather products. Even though you may want to wear a $300 Gucci belt to flex on everybody, leather is taken from cows to create the belt, and Gucci tests their products on animals. Gucci is not the only luxury brand that is not cruelty free or vegan. Actually, it’s quite difficult to come across a designer brand that is completely vegan. On the bright side, as of 2018, Gucci as well as many other brands decided to change their real fur to faux fur, but leather remains a constant with the brand.

Louis Vuitton 

This highly ranked name brand is not as ideal as it may seem. Louis Vuitton uses leather and many forms of reptile skin. For instance, they’re known for their handbags made from crocodile skin. Morbid videos have been released by PETA that capture the abuse and torturte crocodiles endure to make handbags, shoes, watches, belts etc. that are sold under Louis Vuitton’s name.

Canada Goose

The popular canadian brand is known for its cozy winter jackets to protect you from the frigid temperatures, but recently, protests have been outbreaking across the country to address their animal cruelty. This brand has been called out for using coyote skins and stuffing their jackets with goose feathers. Despite the many Canadians that are against the use of fur, when cold temperatures come around, they don’t think twice when they buy a coyote fur jacket to keep warm.

It may be hard to face the truth that’s behind some of the most popular clothing items, and if you’re sceptical to believe this madness, videos and articles are linked above where they expose brands by documenting and discussing the abuse animals go through. The next time you find yourself browsing through your local clothing store, be sure you do your research before leaving with a potential product derived from animal cruelty.