Stepping up: Seniors need to take lead

Story by Elizabeth Cook

Flashback. You’re a freshman. Frizzy hair, huge backpack, ankle-high socks. Probably lost, as everyone was.

Remember those big, scary, loud kids who scared you to death when you were a freshman? That’s us now. We’re bigger, badder, and better, but with those changes comes responsibility. We’ve all heard that speech from parents or teachers. With power comes responsibility. Yes, we’ve heard it hundreds of times, but I think there’s a lot of truth in it. A lot of seniors who were really good in athletics, academics, and extracurricular activities left, and we’re the ones who have to fill their shoes.

Take swim. The girls’ and boys’ sides both lost valuable swimmers when they graduated, so who is left to be the one to take their place? Juniors, but especially seniors, are charged with the job of being the new “best.”

It’s your senior year, don’t throw it away. Be better than the last seniors. Quit screwing around and realize someone looks up to you. Stop being hypocritical, stop being lazy. Do something other than bossing underclassmen around. Age doesn’t earn the right to tell someone off, effort does. If you work, you can tell others to. If you listen, you can tell others to. Step up and be a leader.

Don’t just breeze through your last year, focused solely on that diploma and moving on to bigger things. Realize someone is watching you, learning from you. Have fun your senior year. Live it up, but don’t be stupid.

Everyone knows junior year is the hardest, and then senior year is usually ruled by senioritis. What if you actually tried to make an imprint on your school before you left?

Freshmen, learn the legacy. Sophomores, know the legacy. Juniors, teach the legacy. Seniors, leave the legacy.