What goes around comes around

What goes around comes around

Photo by unknown

Story by Madison Sewell, Staff Writer

“What goes around comes around.”
Basically, if you do good things to people, good things will happen to you and if you’re mean to people, bad things happen to you.
That’s the English version of it. Our knock off of the Hindu and Buddhist belief.
Anyways, I’ve never been the superstitious type.
Opening an umbrella indoors, stepping on cracks, breaking glass, so many years of bad luck.
I just don’t believe it. Karma, it was just more superstition.

Last year, I’d always make fun of Caylon Nicholas’s car.
“Your car is ugly.” “That’s the worst car I’ve ever seen.” “I’d die if I had that car.”
Always joking, of course. After all, we were good friends. I was just poking fun at him, and he just always seemed to be parked close to me. I didn’t really think that his car was all that bad. He played along. It wasn’t a big deal.

Scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across a picture of Caylon and his precious piece of scrap metal. Immediately I commented on it laughing to myself, “That’s a piece of junk right there.”  I didn’t really think much of it.

The next day was just like any other day.
My brother and I were driving home after school. Same old, same old.
Out of the blue, a loud “POP” caught my attention. I hurriedly turn down the radio.
“What was that?”
My car became really shaky. It felt like it was going out of control. My stomach dropped. Panic took over me.
“What am I supposed to do?!”
I had no idea what had just happened, let alone what to do about it. I looked at my brother. I’d been shouting at him. He just sat there, wide-eyed. My heart was pounding. I thought for sure I’d cause a wreck or two or at least hold up traffic. My car was wobbly, like it was off balance, and a horrible noise was emitting from somewhere. Quickly I pulled into the Shell station on Summerhill, narrowly avoiding a collision.
I hop out and survey the damage. My tire had popped and it hung limp, exposing the tire rim.
“How in the world did this happen?”
My three minutes of terror for something that really wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought.
I call my dad and spend the next hour sitting in that parking lot in the heat, waiting for him to get there, and helping him change my tire. An hour of wasted time, three minutes of terror, and a hefty bill to replace it.
I was beyond annoyed.
I’d never had car troubles before.
My little Nissan was perfect.

The next day at school, I sit complaining in pre-calculus about the incident. Caylon looks at me and laughs. “Who has the piece of junk now?”
I squint my eyes at him, annoyed.
“What goes around comes around.”

Karma. Whether you believe it or not. Whether you think it’s just coincidences.
I’m going to watch what I say or do… Just in case.