We could do a little something to help

Story by Mackenzie Phillips, Staff Writer

One Wednesday, my youth pastor showed our youth group a short film about a group of people. About their lives. About their struggles. About the love and compassion they’re hardly ever shown. These people were homeless.

This video was made by a couple of guys, Chad Matthews and Stephen Searles, who decided to travel to the 60 largest cities to meet the homeless people of America. But they weren’t just doing this to say ‘hi’ to a few homeless people and be on their merry way. They wanted to show the homeless that there are people who genuinely love and care about them. To show them what most of America usually doesn’t.

Many Americans just think that the homeless aren’t worth their time or that someone else will take care of them. But if they’re walking by every homeless person they see and not giving any strenuous second thought about their welfare, who’s to say that any of the rest of us would help them either? With more and more Americans becoming homeless or very close to it, are we all just supposed to let it happen? Just let our fellow Americans become homeless, living on the street, struggling to find food or shelter every day to keep themselves alive? Are we that heartless?

Chad Matthews is one of those rare people who found his life involved in helping the homeless as much as he could. Though his trip and the many homeless people he met, Matthews found that many homeless people weren’t homeless because of pure laziness and lack of ambition. Many of the people he met were homeless because they were done wrong by the people around them, even people they loved. Matthews felt horrible for these people and their situations. He felt he was being called to do something for the homeless. He’s turned his passion into I Love Evelyn, a nonprofit organization right here in Texarkana with hopes of helping the homeless in any way it can.

Please understand that I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, saying it is your life’s duty to completely drop everything you’re doing and devote your entire life to helping and caring for the homeless. Not at all. I simply believe that you should do what is within your power to help the homeless. Give a few dollars a month, or more if you can spare it. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Donate clothes to an organization for the homeless. There are plenty of small things we can all do that can help the homeless in a big way. If two average guys are willing to dedicate their lives to helping the homeless, surely the rest of us could do a little something to help.