Pinterest and Procrastinating


My frustration reached a record peak as I entered into the fourth hour of studying. I tried to force myself to focus on my textbook’s small print, but my train of thought wandered from the struggles between the Greeks and Romans, and my hand automatically reached for my phone.

After spending a few minutes scrolling through my Twitter feed, I opened Pinterest and entered a virtual world of inspirational quotes, gourmet meals and intricate hairstyles.

Pinterest is my self-created domain full of clothes I would never wear and exotic places I will never go. It’s endless supply of ideas ranging from wedding planning to designing your future home enticed me to leave reality for a little while longer.

Pinterest allows you to ‘pin’ your ideas, outfits, or quote of the day onto virtual pinboards that the world can see. It’s not only good for learning and sharing useful how-tos, but it’s also a great outlet for those suffering from excessive procrastination. And, I had a very serious case.

I would like to say that I managed my time wisely and, after a short break, returned to my schoolwork and completed my assignments. But that would be a complete lie.

When I did emerge from my blissful world of pins, I realized that it was nearly one in the morning. After furiously throwing my phone across the room and swearing I would never pin again, I resumed studying until the early hours of the morning.

I have learned from this experience that there is a time for everything. Pinterest is now reserved only for weekends, and my will power is slowly becoming stronger.

I understand that, although knowing how to make small cakes in the microwave is important, passing Spanish is crucial. I only hope that someday I will be strong enough to be able to pin without completely losing track of time, and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to control my innate ability to procrastinate.