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On the road again

Moving cross-country affects student's life

Caden Rainwater, 10,  adjusts to new city. Rainwater moved to Texarkana from Georgia a year and a half ago.

Photo by Holland Rainwater

Caden Rainwater, 10, adjusts to new city. Rainwater moved to Texarkana from Georgia a year and a half ago.

Story by Caden Rainwater, staff writer

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve had the same Sunday routine. I would wake up early, go to my small church right outside of my neighborhood, and sit in the service for an hour. Following the service, my family would go eat with our small church family.  

I knew the church which my father founded and preached at every Sunday was not a crazy successful church, but never did I think my whole life would be changed because of it.

One night, he tells us how he has he is taking us to Texas to interview at a church, in hopes of him being their new head pastor. Thoughts were flooding through my mind. Everything I’ve grown up with will be gone.

Socially, a child stepping outside of his comfort zone can either make it or break it. In other words, when a kid is taken away from everything he’s ever known he can make it his own or he will shut down and slowly recover.

When I wasn’t thinking of how that drive would be one of the most impactful moves of my life, it wasn’t as stressful. The ride was filled with sad memories of all of my childhood that I held closely.

Just like every kid’s first day at a new school, I felt like an outsider with only my brother to talk to. By the second and third day of the new school, my life took a crazy turn. The “new twins” were the only thing people were talking about, and people were constantly coming up to us introducing themselves and making their best effort to be our new best friend. That day someone found my snapchat account and shared it with someone. By the time I got back home the whole school was requesting to add me on social media.

The new atmosphere has created more opportunities than I would ever have had back in Georgia. I’ve joined Student Council and the cross-country team. I’m even a student athletic trainer for my school. I have many friends that have stuck with me for the year and a half that I’ve been in Texarkana, and they have caused me to be a better version of myself.  

Looking back on the adventure, it was everything that I never knew I needed. Of course I miss the adventures I had back in Georgia, but years later I am still acknowledging how the move has made me the person I am today.

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Caden is a sophomore and first-time member of the Tiger Times staff. He moved to Texarkana during his eighth-grade year, but reached high school before...

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Holland Rainwater (also known as flower child or sunshine hippie) is a senior at Texas High School. She loves fashion, sunrises and burritos. She just...

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