Lattes and locations

Sophomore compares one chain and one local coffee shop


Braylen Garren

Local coffee shop Brewsters on the Boulevard sits at 4303 Texas Blvd #12. One of Texarkana’s two Starbucks locations is found at 2507 Richmond Rd.

Story by Brady Greathouse, Staff Writer

Late nights are a common thing for most high school students. As a result, many teens use caffeine as a “cure” to help their tiredness. Studies show that 83.2% of teens consume caffeinated beverages regularly, with their main source of caffeine being coffee. 

Many people wonder if local coffee shops or chain coffee shops offer a better experience. Several factors come into play to answer this question. The two coffee shops that were compared are both well known in Texarkana: Starbucks and Brewsters on the Boulevard. 

I sampled a 16 ounce pumpkin spice latte and a 16 ounce vanilla bean Frappuccino from both stores. We compared packaging, appearance, price, customer service and overall experience given from both stores. 

At Brewsters, the overall vibe is much more welcoming and offers a more personal experience. Their drinks were slightly cheaper than Starbucks, though the packaging was less aesthetically pleasing. The drinks just came in a generic paper cup with a plastic lid. The coffee flavor was stronger in both drinks compared to Starbucks. 

At Starbucks, the customer service was decent but felt less personal and welcoming. The drinks were a little more expensive than Brewster’s. The look of the drink and cups made up for this, though. 

The vanilla bean Frappuccino from both places tasted almost the same, Brewsters just had a slight bit more coffee flavor. The pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks had more flavor that was true to its name. 

Overall, the issue still comes down to what you prefer. If you want a more personal experience for a cheaper price, then local coffee shops are ideal. If the appearance of coffee and faster service is more important, then chain coffee shops are right for you.