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HoCo loco

What and what not to do at this year's homecoming dance

October 3, 2014

Homecoming can either be the highlight of your year or just plain HoCo loco. While it’s the night everyone looks forward to, the details that go into homecoming can be extensive and overwhelming. Being prepared for the dance promises a memorable evening without the need to take 57 Advil.

DO: Find a group.

Going in a group of your friends will provide you with lots of picture opportunities, minimal awkwardness with your date, and overall, a more fun more experience.

DON’T: Book restaurants late.

Whether you’re eating at a mom-and-pop diner or a five-star restaurant, it’s absolutely imperative to reserve your venue early. If you don’t, odds are your setting will most likely be taken, and your group will be stuck eating a PB&J that your mom made.

DO: Get a dress/suit at least two weeks in advance.

Obviously no one wants to be wearing yesterday’s grease-stained sweats to the dance, so make sure you have your attire of choice with plenty of time to fix any wardrobe mishaps. If you don’t get your dress/suit early and something like a size mix-up occurs, don’t panic. You can always get a last minute alteration at a local tailor in town (i.e. The Silver Needle on Texas Blvd).

DON’T: Be shy.

Everyone at homecoming is going to be there to have a good time and show off all their “questionable” dance moves. Feel free to join in. You won’t make memories at the refreshments table.

DO: Have a homecoming day schedule.

The day of the dance can be really stressful. You have to get your nails, hair and makeup done, (guys, all we ask of you is to take a shower), and it can all be extremely intimidating if you don’t set some times for yourself to get everything accomplished. Basically, don’t wake up at 3 pm if your pictures are at 5 pm.

DON’T: Get overwhelmed by the little things.

Accidents happen. Don’t freak out if your date’s attire doesn’t match yours perfectly or if your hair appointment was double-booked. It will be fine. Homecoming is all about having fun, so don’t let the details keep you from having a fantastic night.

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