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Rates of students and their bags being searched has increased exponentially in March.
Students, not suspects
Story by Doug Kyles, Editor In Chief • May 12, 2022

TISD’s goal is to create a “trusting, supportive and mutually respectful environment.”  I believe the above-mentioned “objective” listed in the TISD Mission Statement page is a principle that is not always heeded here at Texas High School. For how can students feel trusted, respected and supported by an administration that has increased spending by thousands in order to bring forth a...

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A man in a graduation cap prepares for battle. The possibility of Americans being drafted for the war in Ukraine is a concern to many.
Putting a stop to Putin
Story by Doug Kyles, Editor-In-Chief • April 27, 2022

Global Pandemic. Riots in cities. Maybe, the possibility of heading toward WWIII ought to have been expected. UKRAINE­ ­— Feb. 24, 2022. Tanks, armored vehicles and artillery, all painted with a “Z,”  roll through the cities and villages of the Donbas region of Ukraine. Decades of political turmoil has finally boiled over into large-scale combat. Russia has invaded Ukraine. In the weeks...

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A hand signs Texas latest order regarding transgender children. The decision is widely regarded as a threat for minors across the state struggling with gender identity.
Outlawed identities
April 22, 2022

On Feb. 22, 2022, Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate parents and healthcare providers who provide minors with gender-affirming care, including hormone therapy and elective surgeries. In the order, Gov. Abbott states that such procedures constitute child abuse under existing Texas law. Unfortunately, it is clear that this is discriminatory,...

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Far-right fervor
Far-right fervor
Story by Joseph Haynes-Stewart, News Editor • April 20, 2022

Alt-right Extremism has become an ever more present topic and ideology in today’s political climate. Seemingly average Americans, and even people we thought we knew well, have become members of this growing phenomenon.  However, we must first ask: what is the Alt-right?   According to Dictionary.com the term Alt-right refers to “a political movement originating on social media and online...

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Defining Generations
Defining Generations
Story by Zoe Rushing, Design Editor • April 20, 2022

People will always find a way to dislike each other. There will always be something that can be used as false justification for hatred and one of those ways that’s been done is age. More specifically, what generation a person is a part of.  A generation is defined as a group of people born around a span of 15-30 years that share similar ideals and characteristics that make them similar. Most...

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The world in filters
Story by Sara Havel, Staff Writer • April 20, 2022

The more I scroll through my Instagram feed, the more I notice Snapchat filters, edited backgrounds with stars and galaxies and my friends looking like complete strangers. The world has become so fake, whether it's to impress others or hide their own insecurities behind a screen. So many teenagers are judged just by how they pose or look; it's no wonder they have incorporated editing of some...

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Members of the Model UN team pose for a photo at the UT Tyler Model UN conference.
A plan proposed, a plan stolen
Story by Dakota Dennard, Staff Videographer, Staff Writer • April 6, 2022

Most teenagers dream of solving the world's problems and seem to know exactly how they'd make it happen. Well, in the Model United Nations club, students work together to solve a world crisis while representing their assigned country. March 25, I participated in a conference with the Model UN team. There were many different councils meant to replicate the real United Nations, from tackling the Afghanistan...

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A school bus parks at a typical summer destination.
Summer school for all
Story by Stephanie Jumper, Editor-in-Chief • April 5, 2022

Texas heat leaves sweat on students’ forehead as the weather inches closer to the summer months. The last leg of the second semester is in full swing. As students await the unfortunate sunburns on their skin in the coming months, they also become burnt out as school work piles against them. Students have been imagining what summer has in store since school doors opened in mid-August: sleeping...

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photo illustration
Math madness
Story by Aislyn Echols March 12, 2022

Math is a subject that all students have had to suffer through. Though there is one tool that makes the subject just a bit more tolerable: a calculator. The problem is that the further you get into math, the less useful a basic calculator gets. That’s when students turn to math websites and apps for help. The question is: which websites and apps can go the distance throughout your math journey?...

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Many students struggle balancing the necessity of sleep with the concerns of the waking world.
In the need of 'Z's
Story by Stephanie Jumper, Editor-in-Chief • March 9, 2022

Darkness is filled with nothing but the glow of flickering street lights and the occasional owl or squirrel soaking in the silence. Stores are spotless and closed until sunset. Most people should have been tucked in bed for several hours. Yet, millions are still rubbing their eyes awake with no signs of allowing their bodies to rest anytime soon. Society has developed an aversion towards sleep....

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Our relations to different colors effect our mood. Red often invokes feelings of anger, whereas green commonly promotes tranquility.
Color on the brain
Story by Iya Jackson, Staff Writer • March 2, 2022

On a daily basis, we are surrounded by a vivid arrangement of colors such as pink, vermillion, shagreen, yellow, orange and the list goes on. For a millennium, scientists have been trying to understand the emotional and physical responses connected to certain colors. Kurt Goldstein, a German scientist and neurologist asserts that certain colors produce systematic physiological reactions that manifest...

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Time ticks on
Time ticks on
Story by Kailyn Williams, Staff writer • March 1, 2022

Throughout life, we are all destined to lose a loved one. It’s an awful, unavoidable rite of passage. Whether it be a distant relative you didn’t even know you had, or a grandparent, feeling the loss of someone close to you never gets easier.  Upon the loss, no one really knows how to console you. “I’m sorry for your loss,” and “They’re in a better place now,” never really help....

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Five Below and Dollar Tree reside at 3327 Mall Dr. and 3922 Summerhill Rd. respectively. Both offer a variety of goods for shoppers on a budget.
The dollar debate
Story by Melissa Singleton, Staff Writer • January 24, 2022

Everyone loves saving money. Being able to buy things you want and need for a dollar is the peak of saving money. But are all these saving money stores the same quality for the same cheap prices?  A store called Five Below moved in next to the mall. A new Dollar Tree has also made its way near the school. Which should you go to? They have the same concept, but overall, their differences help decide...

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A figure representing different religions is restricted by handcuffs. Various faiths around the world unjustly experience oppression.
Foreign faiths
Story by Staff January 7, 2022

Religion. It's a system of faith that typically worships a God or Gods. In the current world, there are thousands of belief systems, some being minor while some being major, depending on the demographic and part of the world someone is in. These minor religions in the country are oftentimes persecuted just because they don’t have the same belief as the major faith of that country.  Persecution...

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Social studies teacher Michelle Crane speaks in front of one of her classes. Many think teachers deserve a pay raise for their work in educating young minds.
Bad pay blues
Story by Brynne Chandler, Staff Writer • December 17, 2021

Teachers do so much for us. They teach us everything we need to know in life, from our ABCs to our numbers all the way up to AP essays and economics. They go out of their way to decorate the classroom for us, put in grants for better equipment for us and even fight for our rights in school.  Yet, teaching is one of the lowest paid jobs in America. In May 2020, the median pay for a teacher was $62,870....

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