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Efforts in education
Efforts in education
Story by Stephanie Jumper, Editor in chief • December 16, 2021

Standing against her classroom’s whiteboard for hours on end, she instructs classes full of eager-eyed learners through some of life’s most essential skills. After several periods of explaining the ins and outs of finances and valuable lessons for...

Career and technology teacher Pamela Hamilton speaks to one of her classes. Hamilton was recently named Career and Technical Association Texas Area 3 Teacher of the Year
Discovering DECA
Story by Brynne Chandler, Staff Writer • December 13, 2021

Distributive Education Clubs of America, aka DECA. Everyone’s heard the name. Everyone knows that if you’re in DECA, you might be dismissed early on work release. But that’s not all the organization does. DECA is an organization that allows its...

Mayor Bob Bruggeman encourages those who want to help with the homeless situation in Texarkana donate to organizations that offer assistance to the homeless.
Part 2: Organized Efforts
Story by Joseph Haynes-Stewart, Staff Writer • December 10, 2021

The kindness of one individual can be seen as an ever-present spark in the lives of those who have lost their fire. They can be catalysts in recovery as they have the ability to...

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Obscure organizations
Obscure organizations
Story by Sara Havel, Staff Writer • December 15, 2021

Most schools have fun organizations for students like theater, chess and student council, but Texas High offers many more clubs that a lot of students don’t realize we have. DECA Distributive...

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Senior Jalyn Golette attempts a basket against the Sulphur Springs Lady Wildcats on Dec. 17, 2023. The Tiger defense smothered the Lady Wildcat offense leading to a 55-30 victory.
Lady Tigers smother Lady Wildcats
Story by Kailyn Williams, Staff Writer • December 21, 2021

The Lady Tigers improved their district record to 2-0 in a 15 point win over the Lady Wildcats of Sulphur Spring on Dec 17. The Lady Tigers presented a strong defensive game...

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Texarkana Community Ballets The Nutcracker opens tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Perot Theatre. Senior Rylee McDuffie plays the role of Clara in the show.
Nutcracker returns to Perot Theatre
Story by Sophie Keller, Staff Writer • December 3, 2021

Young dancers in sparkling costumes and pale pink shoes glide across the stage, receiving applause from each eager-eyed audience member. Performances like these are exciting for...

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