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Theater director Bonnie Flieder guides sophomore Tyler Unger and senior Beth Dietze through their scenes during a rehearsal for "Annie." This is Flieder
Flieder the leader
Story by Stephanie Jumper, Editor-In-Chief • August 27, 2021

The bell’s ring sounds in time as students make final decisions on where to sit, scoping the room for friends they could converse with during the school year. The door closes and a fresh face, dawning a shiny, new name tag to go with her position, begins...

During the 2018 Texas v. Arkansas game Texas High Varsity football players attempt to break out of an opposing teammate
This little piggy went home
Story by Doug Kyles, Editor-In-Chief • August 26, 2021

What’s more “Texas High” than bacon fry? Than Tiger Football? Than Spirit Days?  It seems that the very heart of Texas High is in its traditions, and it’s this that makes the news that the annual rivalry game was canceled due to a recent rise...

Almuni Salem Karr and Cate Rounds lead rehearsals for "Puffs" during the fall of their senior year. Karr was the head stage manager for this show.
Karr-ving her future
Story by Stephanie Jumper, editor in chief • June 26, 2021

Pre-show chatter fades into silence as the lights dim, turning all attention to the main event. White rays engulf the stage as raw emotion from characters echoes through the theatre....

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I wouldn
There’s always something...
Story by Peyton Sims, editor in chief • May 28, 2021

High school. If I had to break down the entirety of my four-year-long experience to someone, words simply would not capture each and every incredible moment. It’s the people....

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Senior quarterback Brayson McHenry is lifted by teammate senior Qu
The Tigers roar
Story by Samuel Cody, Staff Writer • August 27, 2021

Despite numerous penalties on the offense, the Tigers still managed to outscore the Tyler High School Lions 24-10 in their first home opener in four years.  “Right now, we're...

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Outfits of the past
Outfits of the past
Story by Peyton Sims, Editor-in-chief • May 21, 2021

From butterfly clips and tu-tus to overbearing bows, outfits from a little girl’s childhood tend to be quickly outgrown. Despite the standards of fashion, some people take a...

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Mapping out a future
Mapping out a future
May 19, 2021

They move their tassel to the left as they gaze into a crowd they’ve anticipated seeing for the past 18 years. Their previous accomplishments...

Senior Newspaper EIC Cate Rounds gleams with pride as she receives her award certificates for the 2020-2021 year. Members of Texas High Publications participated in their annual banquet May 18, 2021.
THS Publication Banquet 2021
May 18, 2021

Breaking Snooze - The Spence perspective S4-2
Breaking Snooze - The Spence perspective S4-2
Story by Cate Rounds and Doug Kyles May 10, 2021

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