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A multicolored brain rests in a neurodivergent womans head. The amount of women with disorders such as ADHD and autism may be vastly underreported.
Gender genes
Story by Stephanie Jumper, Editor-In-Chief • May 2, 2022

She perched on her desk observing her peers giggling, conversing, connecting. Yet most of them had no interest in engaging with her. Her mind wanted to form bonds with others, but her mouth couldn’t say the right words to form the lasting connections...

A man in a graduation cap prepares for battle. The possibility of Americans being drafted for the war in Ukraine is a concern to many.
Putting a stop to Putin
Story by Doug Kyles, Editor-In-Chief • April 27, 2022

Global Pandemic. Riots in cities. Maybe, the possibility of heading toward WWIII ought to have been expected. UKRAINE­ ­— Feb. 24, 2022. Tanks, armored vehicles and artillery, all painted with a “Z,”  roll through the cities and villages of...

Junior Khuslen Ganbat reflects on his time spent as a foreign exchange student. He spent the year in America from his home country of Mongolia.
Q&A with Khuslen Ganbat
Story by Nashita Kalam, Staff Writer • May 5, 2022

What were some major differences you noticed when you first landed in America? [The first things I noticed] would be the people and the whole environment. Mongolia is a really...

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Rates of students and their bags being searched has increased exponentially in March.
Students, not suspects
Story by Doug Kyles, Editor In Chief • May 12, 2022

TISD’s goal is to create a “trusting, supportive and mutually respectful environment.”  I believe the above-mentioned “objective” listed in the TISD Mission Statement...

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Senior Lauren Allred makes a play from shortstop to first base in varsity softball game. Allreds ability to be a utility player aided her in landing scholarship opportunities.
Ragin' Cajun
Story by Kailyn Williams, Staff Writer • May 2, 2022

Lights shining bright. Fans and family screaming. The most competitive division of travel softball. The electric atmosphere of the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium. Senior Lauren...

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Freddy's impact
Story by Zoe Rushing, Advertising Editor • May 12, 2022

On Aug. 8, 2014, Scott Cawthon released a brand new indie horror survival game titled Five Nights at Freddy’s. In the first game, players played as Mike Schmidt, the new night...

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