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WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 06: Pro-Trump protesters gather in front of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. A pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol, breaking windows and clashing with police officers. Trump supporters gathered in the nation's capital today to protest the ratification of President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College victory over President Trump in the 2020 election. (Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images/TNS)
The effects of the capitol hill riots and what they mean 
Story by Maria Rangel, staff writer • January 14, 2021

Shortly after 1 p.m. on Jan. 6, mobs of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, yielding bats, Trump flags, and even firearms. They pushed through mesh barriers around the perimeter and clashed with officers defending the entrances, eventually overwhelming...

David Peavy poses while standing atop the roof of the Texarkana National Bank. The currently abandoned bank will soon be remodeled into apartment complexes.
Texarkana’s timelessness
Story by Peyton Sims, editor in chief • January 11, 2021

Vacant streets. Crumbling bricks. Forgotten history. Downtown Texarkana was once known for its thriving past; which has steadily diminished since the early 20th century. While there are plenty of new businesses that are opening within the city left and...

Across the campus, many teachers found their passion while sitting in the same desks that their students sit in now.
From teens to teachers
Story by Stephanie Jumper, feature editor • January 13, 2021

Four long, grueling years of memorizing textbooks cover to cover, navigating social settings and tirelessly clawing at the top class rank. All for a printed sheet of paper allowing...

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With the constant pressure that society puts on the Black community, individuals start to embrace their natural hair.
Naturally not acceptable
Story by Margaret Mutoke, staff writer • January 2, 2021

In the Black community, hair has always been a staple of our culture. As children, we were taught by society that our natural hair was not good, that it was some type of curse...

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For some, Owen Likin
The legacy a sports star left behind
Story by Maria Rangel, staff writer • January 13, 2021

Owen Likins left Texas High with a reputation as a sports prodigy. From securing first places in the majority of his cross country meets, to churning out winning times in swim...

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Across campus, there
Sobbing around school
Story by Stephanie Jumper, feature story • January 7, 2021

We’ve all been there. Shedding tears over a test grade we won’t remember in five years. Slamming our heads on a semi-sanitary wooden desk as the bell snaps us out of our pity...

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The School Newspaper of Texas High School
The School Newspaper of Texas High School