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Standing in excitement, the robotics team  smiles after their best competition of the year. The team qualified for UIL state.
Texas High qualifies for state in Robotics
Story by Nicholas Spivey, Staff Writer • November 21, 2023

As rows and rows of people in the audience stare silently, teams 3350C and 3350A from Texas High School work together against 87867D and 20480Y in the final championship round at Wolfe City. Awarded tournament finalists, Texas High lost from 181-180.  “Eliminations are always the toughest battles of the day,” senior Cristal Hernandez said. “There is so much on the line at these competitions,...

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Senior Jenna Humphrey reaches for a pair of socks to fill her a bag. Student Council filled one bag each with necessities for the homeless population of Texarkana on Nov. 15, 2023.
THS Leadership works with AHS to help homeless
Story by Nashita Kalam and Liberty Maldonado-Cowan November 16, 2023

Chatter fills the room as dozens of students work together with a smile on their faces. They fill bags with blankets, gloves and hygiene products, with the intent of distributing them to a good cause.  On Nov. 15, Texas High Leadership students went to Arkansas High to collaborate with their student council and others in the area. They worked together for a uniform cause: giving back to the community.  “We're...

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Marti Garren helps prepare snacks for the Rosebuds bake sale. Rosebuds sells baked goods annually.
Baking up some fun
Story by Kateleigh Crowson, Staff Writer • November 15, 2023

On Friday Nov. 17, the Rosebuds Junior Garden Club will hold their annual bake sale fundraisers for the teachers and administrators on the Texas High School campus. This event will be held in the library throughout the entirety of the school day during all lunches.  Every year, the Rosebud Club holds a Bake Sale, a Teacher’s Tea, and multiple fundraisers throughout the year in hopes to live up...

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Junior Lexi Lucky prepares the elote for the Multicultural club fundraiser. Unlike previous years, the club is unable to sell their popular aguas fresas and fresas con crema due to the nutritional restrictions.
School implements new fundraising rules
Story by Nashita Kalam, Editor-in-Chief • November 13, 2023

A table filled with snacks and drinks next to the courtyard stands alone during lunch with students gathered; however, the snacks seem different from past years. Nature Valley granola bars replaced chips and candy and Dr. Pepper Zeros replaced regular Dr. Peppers.  Starting this school year, clubs have a limit to selling unhealthy snacks containing a certain amount of sugar to six exemption days...

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Senior Truth Dukes pours syrup on her pancakes during Texas High Schools annual Bacon fry at Tiger Stadium on Nov. 7, 2023. The bacon fry has been a tradition for years in preparation of the Texas vs Arkansas game. However, the game has not been played since the 2019 football season. Texas High continues the tradition regardless of if the game takes place or not.
Annual bacon fry held at Tiger Stadium
Story by Haley Waddell, Staff Writer • November 9, 2023

The smell of bacon fills the field as people file into the stands, carrying plates piled with pancakes and bacon. Seniors stand at tables to the side, helping those who come up to get a portion of this breakfast feast. On Tuesday, Nov. 7, Texas High seniors held their annual Bacon Fry at Tiger Stadium. Previously, the bacon fry tradition celebrated what students referred to as “hell week” during...

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Band students stand beside each other after their Area competition for UIL on Oct. 28, 2023. Tiger Band placed ninth in the competition.
Tiger Band places in area competition
Story by Lourdes Quijas, Staff Writer • November 7, 2023

While the stadium calms down, eager bands wait for their results, their hearts pounding out of their chests in the stands. The bright lights illuminate the drum majors’ faces. The announcer announces the results as the Tiger Band claps with excitement. As marching season comes to an end, the Tiger Band reaches their most important competition: Area. This Competition is one of the toughest competitions...

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Members of the Tiger Band stand beside each other after their band competition on Oct. 14, 2023. Band placed 2nd in the competition.
Tiger Band places in US band competition
Story by Lourdes Quijas, Staff writer • November 3, 2023

UPDATED The stadium fills with silence. The announcer reads off the results, one by one, every band cheers for their own school. As the announcer announces the Tiger Band’s results, they jump and cheer with joy and excitement for their accomplishment..  On Saturday, Oct. 14, the Tiger Band traveled to Bossier City, LA, to compete in the US Bands competition. There were a total of 15 that competed,...

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Senior Kenya Torres high fives her team mate as theyre put in teams to make campaign posters. The best posters will be used in the campaigns for adoption days.
District holds Leader In Me Synergy Summit at Texarkana College
Story by Kunan Anjum, Staff Writer • November 2, 2023

Laughter and conversation fill the Great Room as students draw campaign posters for city-wide animal adoption days.  On Nov. 2, 2023, TISD’s student Lighthouse members met at the Texarkana College Student Center for the Leader In Me Synergy Summit. This gathering encouraged students from different campuses to collaborate to plan their upcoming projects.  “This is just a great event. It’s...

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Administrators and board members shovel dirt at the groundbreaking ceremony ceremony for Parks Elementary School. The new location will serve as the replacement campus for Spring Lake Park and Highland Park Elementaries. Members of the community gathered at the old Pine Street campus to kick off the construction process on Oct. 19, 2023.
TISD holds groundbreaking ceremony
Story by Ashley Davis and Riley roberts October 24, 2023

UPDATED Shovels are mounted in a pile of dirt, alongside a bulldozer and podium. Teachers, principals, past and former students, mayor Bob Bruggeman and TISD faculty gather to commemorate the beginning of a new future. On Oct. 19, a ceremony was held in honor of the ground breaking for Parks Elementary, located on Pine Street. This new elementary school will open in 2025, combining...

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October is National Principals month and recognizes principals across the nation.
Celebrating National Principals Month
Story by Lyric Curtis, Staff Writer • October 20, 2023

October is National Principals Month and it highlights the leadership shown by principals throughout the nation. Principals help shape the futures of students and help direct education in a proactive and beneficial direction. “Managing a campus of educators, support staff and students is no easy task,” Associate Principal Julius Anderson said. “This reminds principals that their tireless work...

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Head down, freshman Jackson Carter focusing while he holds his mallets to play the vibraphone. The Tiger Band competed in the Four States Marching Contest on Oct. 7, 2023.
Four States Marching Contest
Story by Lourdes Quijas, Staff Writer • October 17, 2023

“Bandtober”, the nickname for the band’s most important month, begins. Fridays have football games, and Saturdays have band competitions. To start the season off strong, Texas High hosted their own marching contest for local schools in the area and surrounding districts. On Saturday, Oct. 7, the Tiger Band hosted the annual Four States Marching Contest in Tiger Stadium at Grim park. Since...

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Photo illustration: Teacher retention rates have recently decreased within Texarkana Independent School District.
Teacher turnover on the rise
Story by Sophie Keller and Nashita Kalam October 11, 2023

UPDATED The classroom chatter fills a mind already consumed by ungraded papers and unruly students. With a thousand unchecked to-do’s, the thought of leaving the profession behind weighs heavy on their mind. Each day the prospect is entertained a bit more until, finally, they give in and wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. Teacher turnover shows as the rate at which teachers and other school...

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Leaning on another cast member, Junior Justin Gentry performs during dress rehearsal on Oct. 2, 2023. All cast members dressed in full outfits and makeup.
Twice the talent
Story by Kateleigh Crowson, Staff Writer • October 5, 2023

As students enter the Sullivan Performing Arts Center over the next couple weeks, they are guaranteed to be working extra hard. For their fall productions, Tiger Theatre Company is putting on not only one, but two shows: “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Our Town”. An average fall season for the company consists of just one fall show. However, this year at auditions many students proved...

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Art Club students hold signs they made for the bathrooms. Leader In Me and Art Club paired to add positive messages throughout the bathrooms.
Leader In Me updates bathrooms
Story by Lyric Curtis, Staff Writer • October 5, 2023

Students scour the halls of Texas High School admiring the signs and posters displayed throughout the main hall walls and various other buildings on campus. Many of these displays' purposes are to show off work students completed or small messages of encouragement to help motivate students to excel in their given classes. Leader in Me paired up with the art club on Sept. 28, 2023 to face up the...

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The foyer of the Sullivan Performing Arts Center floods after heavy rains. Maintenance is working to repair the leak as quickly as possible.
Heavy rains cause damage around campus
Story by Sophie Keller and Nashita Kalam October 4, 2023

Thunder rattles windows and bullets of water pound down on the roof. The blare of flash flood warnings on students’ phones break the steady sound of rain. On Oct. 4, a steady stream of rain caused a multitude of issues around Texas High School, including flooding in the foyer of the Sullivan Performing Arts Center. The school has given mixed reports as to the location of the leak. “We believe...

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