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Photo Illustration: With the expiration of the CARES Act, public school students face daily expenses to purchase food at school. Texarkana ISD students accumulated almost $12,000 in meal debt in the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year.
Today's menu: debt$
Story by Anna Lee, Staff Writer • January 30, 2023

Upon returning to school after the Christmas holiday,  students found themselves still required to pay for their lunches to be able to eat at school. Even with free or reduced lunch waivers, schools across the country are racking up in unpaid meal debt.  In recent years, students did not have to pay for their meals due to the CARES Act, which allowed free meals for all students. This school year,...

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Academic advisor Dolores Schuandua visits social studies class to explain the new classes Texas High is offering next year. There are 25 new courses for students to choose from in the upcoming year.
Course chaos
Story by Nashita Kalam, News/Feature Editor • January 27, 2023

There’s a knock at the door and one of Texas High’s hardworking academic advisers enters through the door holding a stack of colored choice sheets. They introduce themselves and hand out the paper that’ll determine what classes you can take next year. They present the slideshow they prepared and leave out the door, leaving you to decide for the upcoming year. Academic advisers visited...

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Junior Carrington Grant checks in leaders from the other schools in the district. High school students in the Leader In Me program volunteered to run the event.
A leader's luncheon
Story by Lourdes Quijas, Staff writer • January 26, 2023

 Every month, two students from all TISD campuses gather at the PAC and celebrate what they have accomplished. All those students and their families come to the PAC, play games, get their awards and have a box lunch, provided by the Leader In Me group. Students from the Leader In Me program host the luncheon, make kids' days and let the parents leave happy. “Leader in me, to me, is a group...

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Red Lick eighth grader Cole McMillon and Senior Annie Powell enjoy street tacos and conversation. The Red Lick eighth graders toured Texas High School on Thursday, Jan. 19, 2022.
Heading for highschool
Story by Liberty Maldonado Cowan, News/Feature Editor • January 24, 2023

Buses pull into the school with eager eighth graders filing out as they head into what might be their new school come next fall.  On Jan. 19, Texas High held the annual Red Lick tours for eighth graders from Red Lick Middle School. The tour allows students a deeper insight as they begin to decide what school they will attend next fall.  “When I toured in eighth grade, they really emphasized...

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TISD menu development specialist serves food to students participating in the test testing. The school will use the reviews of students to determine a new menu for next school year.
Menu makeover
Story by Nashita Kalam, News/Feature Editor • January 20, 2023

The air in the cafeteria fills up with the aroma of tangy General Tso’s chicken, cheesy pizza and macaroni and cheese as students line up at a table filled with serving trays of the different foods. They receive a plate filled with food and return to their seats. They carefully taste the foods and write down their thoughts on a sheet of paper.  On Jan. 18, AP Ambassadors and Teach TISD members...

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Freshman Julian Lindley Jr. stands with Texas High student council and his family as they celebrate his wish finally being granted. This is moment he will never forget.
A wish granted
Story by Joseph Haynes-Stewart, Editor in Chief • January 18, 2023

The aura of celebration encases the energetic gym as students and family alike rush toward the center to honor the triumph in a battle. Although hard fought, the battle has reached a high point: a cause for celebration. Freshman Julian Lindley-Junior has been fighting brain cancer for many years. Lindley-Junior was contacted by the Make-A-Wish foundation in 2019, yet due to COVID-19 the wish had...

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TikTok will no longer be allowed on government issued devices in Texas. Concerns have been expressed over the app stealing information.
Social media shutdown
Story by Kamryn Jean, Opinion Editor • January 14, 2023

As of Dec. 7, 2022, Texas Governor Greg Abbott placed a ban on TikTok on all government issued devices.  The aggressive action taken against the social media platform was influenced by the “threat of the Chinese Communist Party gaining access to critical U.S. information,” the official website of Abbott said.  TikTok collects data from users, such as name, age, email address and phone number....

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Parents are no longer allowed to drop food off for students in the office. Students share mixed feelings on this.
Dine-in only
Story by Haley Waddell, Staff Writer • January 11, 2023

Every day, bags from multiple fast food restaurants sit in the office, waiting to be picked up by students. This semester, those bags will no longer be there. School lunch drop-offs ended in January 2023 for Texas High School. Texarkana ISD’s safety and security committee decided on this in an attempt to make the school safer.  “By having particular drop-off points, we’re able to put more...

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ASPIRE is open to all of Asian-American decent. The club is a good way to connect with others of similar cultures.
Aspire to Inspire
Story by Ayla Dean, Staff Writer • December 17, 2022

Texarkana’s Asian-American population is extremely low. Many Asian students in this school think only one or two people like them are attending here, but there’s a bit more.  Sophomore Kai-ly Gaylor started up a new club: Texas High ASPIRE, standing for Asian Students Promoting Identity, Reflection and Education.  Some members of the club talk about how they felt about the club starting.  “There...

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Coach Vince Minter supervised Leadership members assembly of a scooter for a Tiger Angel Gift.
Submitted Photo
The season of giving
Story by Nashita Kalam, News/Feature Editor • December 16, 2022

Little kids' faces light up as leadership students walk through the doorway with baskets of presents. They realize that they will still be getting a Christmas through the school, even if it isn’t from home.  On Dec. 14, the Texas High leadership classes participated in the annual Tiger Angels program. The students are paired with a child in need and given a list of things the students wanted...

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ACT scores have dropped to the lowest theyve been in 30 years. However, many schools have begun moving away from the ACT in recent years.
Time to ACT
Story by Kamryn Jean, Opinion Editor • December 16, 2022

As of Oct. 10, 2022, ACT scores reached record lows nationwide. The graduating class of 2022’s average score on the ACT was the lowest average in 30 years.  “The national average ACT score for the class of 2022 fell to 19.8 out of 36, down from 20.3 in 2021,” said the editorial board at The Wall Street Journal. “This is the fifth consecutive year of declines in average scores, a worrisome...

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Sophmores Kynlee Flippen and Abby Sewell help set up for the Annual Teachers Tea. The Tea is a tradition of the Rosebuds Junior Garden Club as a way to give back to the teachers of Texas High.
What’s the (teacher’s) tea?
Story by Oviya Justin and Anna Haley December 15, 2022

In the midst of the first semester ending, the Rosebud’s Junior Garden Club held their annual Teacher’s Tea on Dec. 7, 2022,  to show their appreciation for TISD employees and their hard work and dedication to our school.  It was a large project, with work going into every aspect of the event. “We had to plan absolutely everything,” said Trisha Patel, senior and Vice President of the...

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U.S. President Joe Biden signs the Respect for Marriage Act during a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2022. (Yuri Gripas/Abaca Press/TNS)
Protecting our differences
Story by Anna Lee, Staff Writer • December 14, 2022

On Dec. 13, 2022, President Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act. Under this act, same-sex and interracial marriage are to be recognized by federal law, codifying marriage for all. “The Respect for Marriage Act will safeguard the rights and protections to which LGBTQ+ and interracial couples and their children are entitled,” President Biden stated in an Instagram post on Dec. 12, 2022. Per...

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Nash officer Stephanie Walraven points in affirmation with her shopper to go to the toy section at Target. Children and first responders packed the aisles of the store during the shopping event.
Shop with a Cop
Story by Liberty Maldonado, News/Feature Editor • December 14, 2022

Children gather excited for Santa and gifts on December 6 at the local Target for the annual Shop with a Cop. Organized by the Texarkana police and fire departments, it allows local children the opportunity to pair up with a cop to do their Christmas shopping, in order to receive a Christmas they might not have gotten otherwise.  With the Christmas season approaching, money is a problem for many....

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Life is being brought back to the historic Grim Hotel. It will be renovated and opened back up as apartments in downtown Texarkana.
Making history . . . again
Story by Anna Lee, Staff Writer • December 9, 2022

The sound of construction fills the corners of downtown Texarkana, Texas. Banging, screeching and huge trucks surround the streets of the famous Grim Hotel.  The Grim Hotel was built and opened in Texarkana on July 15, 1924. A five-star hotel in this small town was a huge deal, bringing major historical significance. This was an expensive site to build, just to be abandoned some years later.  The...

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