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Junior Celia Moreno Gonzales, freshman Kynlee Flippen and alumnus Willis Green stand with pride. Gonzales is a foreign exchange student from Spain, Flippen shared a memorable experience with her father and Green was a high school student during the era of educational integration.
Three stories. 300 words.
Story by Joe Haynes-Stewart, Kailyn Williams, Zoe Rushing, Reese Langdon May 4, 2022

Reporters were asked to write stories with only 300 words. This proves that it is not the quantity of words on a page that makes a story captivating but the quality of words. Every...

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Darbys dancers
Darby's dancers
Story by Liberty Maldonado Cowan, Staff Writer • April 26, 2022

Everyone is different and unique, so it is important for everyone to have an outlet where they feel safe and like they can be themselves but most importantly do the things...

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Senior Beth Dietze and her mother gather treats for refugees in Ukraine.
Helping hand
Story by Sydney Watts, Staff Writer • April 8, 2022

Ukrainian citizens are currently trying to make their way across the Ukrainian-Polish border to seek refuge, many of them with starving stomachs, nowhere to call home and...

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Sophomore Carly Hickerson has many responsibilities as a stage manager.
The meaning of managing
Story by Stephanie Jumper, Editor-in-Chief • March 30, 2022

The velvet curtain opens, lights illuminate the stage and she plops down on a chair as black as her outfit, making herself comfortable for the 40 minutes of performance. As...

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A transgender pride flag lays behind the male and female symbols. More and more students nowadays are questioning their gender identity and which pronouns suit them best.
Pro pronouns
Story by Aislyn Echols, Opinion Editor • March 10, 2022

As the world becomes more open minded toward the LGBTQ+ community, more and more people begin to discover how they identify in terms of both gender and sexuality. One of these...

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A calendar displays a due date for an assignment quickly approaching. Many students have a habit of procrastinating on their work.
Due date means do date
Story by Liberty Maldonado Cowan, Staff Writer • March 7, 2022

Assignment after assignment.  Due date after due date.   The work can be overwhelming and start to pile up.  Before a student knows it, they look at their calendar...

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Head Librarian Brooke Ferguson ensures her library is a comfortable space for the students of Texas High.
A second home
Story by Doug Kyles, Editor-in-Chief • March 1, 2022

Tough love is an art, and look no further than the library to see the master of this craft. For some, the library is a rare visit, compelled only by the occasional trip to...

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A variety of family photos lay on a desk. The definition of a family is becoming more and more diverse in Western society.
Not so nuclear
Story by Aislyn Echols, Opinion Editor • February 25, 2022

One working dad, one stay at home mom and two kids: one boy, one girl. On the outside, a flawlessly white picket fence surrounds the red brick, two-story house, and a golden...

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Senior Madelyn Snow rehearses in her choir class. Snow hopes to pursue music therapy after high school.
Tunes with a twist
Story by Stephanie Jumper, Editor-In-Chief • February 24, 2022

The notes flow out of her mouth one by one, the beat of the song resonating as if it’s her own heartbeat. Students’ voices melt into one as the music progresses. Each...

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At her shop, The Mustard Seed, 2012 graduate Darynn Gay stands before the display of spices. The Mustard Seed carries over 400 types of spices, jams, oils, vinegars, coffee beans, loose-leaf teas and kitchenware. The store is located at 4701 Texas Blvd.
Through the eyes of alumni
Story by Nashita Kalam, Staff writer • February 19, 2022

After 13 years of education, students turn their tassels from right to left and are suddenly free from all the responsibilities high school brings. The new graduates continue...

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Senior Olivia George performs as the HighSteppers captain with the rest of her team. George plans on furthering her experience in dance, possibly pursuing a career as a Radio City Rockette.
Dancing dreams
Story by Melissa Singleton, Staff Writer • February 7, 2022

Just like all sports, dancers have teams and professional athletes that they look up to. For many young dancers, especially those interested in kicklines and jazz and tap...

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A panhandler sits at an intersection with a sign seeking work.
Part 3: A Panhandler's Tale
Story by Joseph Haynes-Stewart, News Editor • January 27, 2022

Cars and pickups alike fly by the dull Texas street just as easily as the wind blows or sunlight falls down. Life is hard, sure, but the good heart of some people met during...

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Mayor Bob Bruggeman encourages those who want to help with the homeless situation in Texarkana donate to organizations that offer assistance to the homeless.
Part 2: Organized Efforts
Story by Joseph Haynes-Stewart, Staff Writer • December 10, 2021

The kindness of one individual can be seen as an ever-present spark in the lives of those who have lost their fire. They can be catalysts in recovery as they have the ability...

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Senior Joli Icenhower stands in front of the class to give a presentation in Mrs. Mooneyhams Composition class.
The stress of presentations
Story by Gabbie DuBey, Staff Writer • December 10, 2021

In seventh grade, sophomore Chloe Mooneyham felt the pressure of the dreadful day approaching. Throughout the night, Chloe became increasingly nervous every hour waiting for...

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Students listen to important information about Southern Arkansas University. Many strive for a high class rank to go to the college of their choice.
Fight for the top
Story by Dakota Dennard, Staff Writer • December 7, 2021

All-nighters, overachievers and dreamers. The ranking system for high school can be a brutal experience.  Today, to get into a competitive college, students usually have...

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