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How to reduce your risk of breast cancer

October 21, 2014

Breast cancer has become the most feared cancer for women. With the Race for the Cure and other fundraising organizations, breast cancer has become a worldwide issue and something even as teenagers you should think about. So let’s get educated and start the walk to prevent your odds of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Get those cancer-fighting foods.

Obesity and being overweight has a direct link with breast cancer because fatty tissue has an excess production of estrogen. Women who maintain a low-fat diet show a decrease in possibility of a cancer diagnosis, so make sure to load up on fruits and veggies, ditch the red meat, and keep exercising.

A glass a day keeps the cancer away.

Although scientist have yet to discover how strong the link between breast cancer and alcohol consumption is, it still contributes. This includes not only hard liquor but wine and beer too. And yes, even though you scandalous teens aren’t supposed to drink, the temptation can arise. Teens, stay on the safe side and don’t drink. As for adults, limit consumption to one glass a day or get rid of alcohol completely.

Smoking doesn’t just damage your lungs.

Even though smoking is somewhat trademarked for lung and oral cancer, tobacco has shown to be a minor cause of many cancers, including breast cancer. So stomp out your cigs and spit out your dip because you’re killing yourself.

It’s the breast choice.

Parenthood can present itself at any moment, whether you are 15 or 45. Breast feeding for six months has proven to lower estrogen levels which can lower your cancer risk, especially if breast cancer runs in your family. It may also help with future prevention for your breastfed female baby.

Take good care of the girls.

Believe it or not, underwires do more than just giver your breast a little bit of lift, they can also contribute to breast cancer. It was proven that 1 in 168 women who do not wear a bra developed breast cancer. So hang up that Victoria’s Secret Bombshell and set the ladies free.

Keep the gyno on speed dial.

Visiting your doctor is an  important aspect in breast cancer prevention, after all he does know what’s up. Get regular checkups and talk to your doc about a higher possibility of cancer due to family history, gene alterations, and even age.

Didn’t you know guys have breasts?

You may be thinking that it is impossible for men to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but in reality men and women both have breast tissue, most men just don’t produce mass amounts of the hormones that it takes to produce breasts so they usually appear flat. Only about one in 1,000 cases present in males, but hey, you don’t want to be that one. So make sure to take precautions.

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    taylorpotterOct 21, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    I think it’s funny that you wrote this the year after I wrote one about breast cancer. Must be a family thing.