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Overview of the Sept. 29 homecoming court presentation

October 1, 2014

The stars twinkled a bit brighter, the dresses flowed a bit smoother and the audience awed a bit louder on Sept. 29. That night, 12 senior girls were presented as the 2014 homecoming court in the PAC. The show was accompanied by the Tiger Band and was followed with a short pep rally.

Since the girl’s are announced at a pep rally prior to presentation, they only have a handful of days to find the perfect dress.

“I found my dress in Dallas the Sunday we found out we were on court,” senior Chandler Thomas said. “It was really hard because my mom was helping me try on in this little tiny dressing room, and I was suffocating because I tried on like 50 and was sick with a fever.”

Once the girl’s found a dress, the finishing touches must have been made, and fast.

“I got my dress hemmed and got Rachel Qualls to do my hair,” senior Katherine Doan said. “I told the lady to not let the dress out, but it ended up being too tight and I had to Saran Wrap my stomach to fit.”

Not only is there 12 girls on court, but each had to find one varsity football escort to be her date at presentation.

“About two weeks before, I made [Javon Thomas] pinky promise that he would escort me because freshman year we made a promise then,” Thomas said.

When the time finally came the band initiated the school song and Trocia, escorted by senior Elliot Sonson, floated on stage with the beloved crown. Having to stay on stage the whole time, the mascot had a tough time staying cool under the stage lights.

“I had to be Trocia because Chandler was the mascot and was on court,” senior Mary-Stewart Shores said. “I got so hot and sweaty that I just fell asleep in the suit on stage.”

Then the moment everyone was waiting for. Each girl swept the stage like the prodigal queen. They performed the intricate walk-on in their stunning dresses with an effortless smile. What the audience couldn’t see is the their cringing nerves.

“I was really nervous, my mouth was shaking while I was smiling,” senior Jalissa Trotter said. “I was shaking in my heels worried about falling and my escort was making me laugh the whole time.”

Since the court is comprised of only seniors, most grew up watching and waiting for it to be their turn. A cycle that most can’t comprehend when they finally get there.

“It’s just weird knowing that this is the only year to be on court. There isn’t another homecoming for us,” senior Madeline Hunley said. “This is my last shot.”


Photos by Kelsi Brinkmeyer

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