Senior Jalissa Trotter has played a variety of sports all her life. She will be going to Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina to continue playing volleyball. (Savannah Pritchard)
Senior Jalissa Trotter has played a variety of sports all her life. She will be going to Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina to continue playing volleyball.

Savannah Pritchard

Face of the game – Jalissa Trotter

October 2, 2014

She is poised and graceful, but strong and powerful. She is zoned in and focused solely on the game as her perfected form flashes across the court. She extends her body and powers through a deadly kill at her unfortunate victim. She is volleyball. She is senior Jalissa Trotter.

“I play volleyball because I simply love the game,” Trotter said. “It’s really fun, competitive and exciting. It keeps my energy flowing.”

Trotter committed to Syracuse University in New York. The transition from high school to collegiate volleyball doesn’t phase Trotter as she prepares for any obstacles and takes any challenges in stride.

“I feel like it’s going to be a much faster game, way more competitive,” Trotter said. “I know that when I do go to the next level to play that coaching will be different because my mom won’t be my coach anymore so I’ll have to get used to that and then being in a different environment is also going to affect the way I play.”

Head coach of the Lady Tigers varsity volleyball team, Melissa Hardy, has been Trotter’s constant motivator throughout her career, on and off the court.

“I’m kind of nervous about it because having her as a coach and a mom has gotten pretty normal to me because she’s also my coach at home,” Trotter said. “My new coach will be someone I have known only a few months, so I won’t have that connection. After the first year, we should be on a good track.”

Trotter has not only racked up trophies that award her talent, but she also has achieved her own personal ambitions.

“I have accomplished most of my goals by reaching a certain amount of assists and kills and digs. I’ve been Most Valuable Player for two years in a row, and I plan on getting that again this year,” Trotter said. “I plan to go to college and receive the Newcomer of the Year award my freshman year as well as anything else I feel like I should be accomplishing.”

Being a well-rounded player is Trotter’s greatest strength, but she is now focusing on excelling in specific positions for next year.

“Now that our other setter is coming back, I also plan to be playing outside more,” Trotter said. “I should be getting a lot more practice with outside which is what I’m going to college to play. I feel like the more practice I get outside the better that is for me.”

Although being in top notch shape, striving to be a leader and having perfect technique are a few of the main components it takes to become an outstanding player, Trotter believes that the most difficult is your mentality.

“A lot of people think it’s easy because of the way [volleyball] looks and played in highschool, but it’s really not easy,” Trotter said. “The hardest thing about it is the mental part. It’s not all about the form. It’s about your mental toughness as well. I’m very strong in that area, and I know that this is just a sport that I could be my best at. I feel like I have that drive to better myself in practice. I’m not going out there to practice just because I’m on the team. I’m doing it to actually get better because I know I want to go to that next level.”

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