Lexi Watkins poses in front of the Texarkana College swimming pool (Kelsi Brinkmeyer)
Lexi Watkins poses in front of the Texarkana College swimming pool

Kelsi Brinkmeyer

Face of the game – Lexi Watkins

Senior has swam for the past four years as a Tigershark and has grown to love it

December 17, 2014

The alarm starts ringing at five. She rolls out of bed, eats a quick breakfast and packs supplies for swim that morning and afternoon.

For senior Lexi Watkins, this has become a normal routine for the past four years. And it all started with an idea of a way to stay in shape.

“When I moved to Texas High, I wanted to join swim because I was going to be in a really big pageant,” Watkins said. “I heard that swim gets you really really fit, so I got in swim to get really fit.”

What Watkins did not realize was how many hours the team does every week in preparation for Regionals and State.

“I think it is a lot [of hours],” Watkins said. “But I think its a good thing because if you’re going to do it you need to be good at it anyways.”

Wanting to rise to the top is what has pushed Watkins through the gruelling practices along with her love of the sport.

“I just love swimming, always have since I was little,” Watkins said. “Most swimmers will say that they really hate it, but in the end, they are doing it because they love it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing it.”

A mutual love felt with her teammates is what Watkins feels she will miss the most.

“I will miss [the people] so much,” Watkins said. “When you spend so much time doing this, you complain about it, but you really miss having so much time [with the people and swimming].”

Early morning practices and Saturday meets also demanded parents to drive back and forth from each.

“My mom [goes] to every single swim meet and drives me back from every single swim meet,” Watkins said. “She really supports me, and she offered to drive me from Maud to swim every morning my freshman year.”

Swimming for four years has taught Watkins valuable lessons about life and herself.

“It has made me a very, very, very dedicated person and really helped me be stern with myself,” Watkins said. “[It’s made] myself do things that my body does not really want to do.”

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