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Q&A with Eric Cross

New head coach takes over basketball program
Kailyn Williams
New head basketball coach, Eric Cross, coaches senior Vonderrick Perkins during practice on Nov. 14, 2023. Cross took over the basketball program starting in the 2023-2024 school year.

Where were you before you started working at Texas High?

  • I was at Estem Charter School in Little Rock Arkansas last year and before that I was in Ashdown for 4 years. 

How was the transition to Texas High?

  • [My previous schools] are both a lot smaller schools, so we probably had 400-500 kids in our high school and here we have like 2000, so that’s probably been the biggest difference is that there are just so many students and employees. It’s just so many people and such a big campus.

Why did you come to Texas High?

  •  I came to Texas High for the opportunity, that [includes] like the basketball program [as well as] just [the] athletics period [along with] the resources and facilities and the kids that are here. Everything is built to win and built to be successful.

What do you hope to accomplish here?

  • I think the big major goal is to win state championship which I don’t think has ever been done with the basketball program, so that would be the big goal, but you know just to start winning district would be big time you know I don’t think that’s been done in 9-10 years or so so that would be a big thing too.

How has your experience been at Texas High so far?

  • It’s been all positive here so far, Coach Stanford’s been great, everyone on our coaches staff has been great. I don’t have anything negative so far everything’s been positive its awesome.

What is something about Texas High that differs from other schools?

  • I think there’s a lot of tradition here. There’s a lot of things that are kind of our thing that we do every year. It’s something that our kids look forward to and the coaches too and everybody’s on board with it its just pretty cool to just see all the traditions.

Texas High’s new school motto is “innovate, lead, excel”. How do you plan to implement this in your coaching?

  •  So I think that applies to everything. It’s easy to carry over into sports. We want all our student athletes to be leaders and I talk a lot about being a leader, you know in basketball and also in the classroom and the community. I think being innovative just being creative and kinda blazing your own path so I think that correlates pretty easy into sports

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Annie Smith, Staff Writer
Sophomore Annie Smith is a first-year staff member of THS Publications. Annie is interested in the animal sciences and considers pursuing a career in that field. She hopes to try and experience new things. Academics are very important to her and she works hard in her classes to keep up with her grades.  Annie tends to stress easily but is a hard worker and tries her best in all that she does.  
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Kailyn Williams, Sports Editor
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